Bonding Ritual

— by Lewis Moody

Note: This is NOT a caging ritual because both participants must be voluntary. It is impossible for this to work unless both persons are willing!

Sit in a comfortable position in front of a table with your elbows resting on the table top and your palms up.

Have the person to be bonded with you sit on the other side of the table. have him rest his arm on yours in a comfortable position. You must BOTH be completely relaxed and at ease. If either of you is tense or nervous this will not work.

Speak,"Now I want you to close your eyes and inhale deeply." Pause for a moment. "Now slowly exhale and release all the tension in your body."

Must be done by BOTH. Three repetitions total is recommended but go with your feelings. A simple phrase such as "again" will suffice for the second and third runs.

Speak,"Now open your eyes and look into mine." (Do a "reading" of each other using whatever technique is familiar.) This is the most difficult part of the entire ritual. All of us have natural shields. Trust is a two-way street. You must CONSCIOUSLY lower your own shields BEFORE you can expect them to do the same for you.

Speak, "We are two souls, two minds, travelling down life's road. It has come to us to be closer than most. Allow me to travel with you as I allow you to travel with me. Mind, body, soul, all are as one. We are two souls destined to act as one. Travel with me; be my guide as I shall be yours. Let us not be two but one reflection of each other; one mind, two souls, moving closer, ever closer, never to part. We are two acting as one. Allow your shields to lower as I allow mine to go down for you. etc...

The words here are not the important thing. You will find as you get into the "spirit" of this ritual that it will NEVER be exactly the same twice.

It is unfortunate but true that the only way a TRUE bonding will hold is if BOTH of the parties literally FORCE their way through the other's shields. This may seem unethical, maybe even immoral to some; but remember, this ritual CANNOT be used on any but the most willing.

When you have gone as far as you feel is safe/productive there needs to be a definite ending. The age old words "SO MOTE IT BE" I have found effective. However feel free to use your own. Once again it's not the words that matter but the technique.