Traditional Pennsylvania-Dutch Barn Hex

While not overtly pagan by definition, the barn hex still contains a mystical quality, as do other religious artifacts.

Abundance and Goodwill

A large, eight-pointed star, usually blue. Tulips and sheaves of wheat are nestled alternately between the star's points. A smaller, eight-pointed star forms the design center. The stars and wheat symbolize abundance and goodwill; the tulips are for faith and trust in mankind.


Distelfink, happiness and good fortune, along with a heart and greenery for life and vitality.

Child Blessing

A large, lace edge picture frame heart, forms the design center. The lambs symbolize wonder and innocence. Distelfinks add happiness and good fortune; the Trinity tulips provide faith, hope and charity.

Home Blessing

The Distelfink bird, perched on the heart, provides the home with a generous measure of happiness and good fortune. Flowers and greens ensure the home is filled with life and vitality.

Home Blessing

It depicts a large, red "picture frame" heart proclaiming the house blessing. Colorful Distelfink birds and lush flowers surround the "home blessing" to ensure family happiness and good fortune.

Daddy Hex (Good Luck All Year)

The rosette is a traditional good luck symbol. Here a good luck petal is provided for each month to give good luck all year. A smaller set of 12 petals provide a little "extra" luck during difficult months.

Double Distelfink

The good luck and happiness bird, the Distelfink, is shown. 2 birds "double" your luck for trying times, as well as trinity tulips (faith, hope, charity) and a scalloped border for smooth sailing.

Distelfink (Happiness and Good Fortune)

The Distelfink bird represents happiness and good luck. Greenery and tulip represent life and vitality.

Distelfink (Happiness and Good Fortune)

The Distelfink bird is "doubled" to cover the worst luck. The heart adds love and the Trinity tulips faith, hope and charity. Scalloped borders provide smooth sailing.

Double Eagle (Courage)

A large, stylized double headed bird, a double headed eagle, represents strength and courage. The trinity tulips add faith, hope and charity; the heart add love. This design symbolizes strength and courage.

Doves of Peace (Peace, Faith & Trust)

Two facing doves perched on a flowering tulip and heart "tree". The doves, heads turned away from each other, symbolize peace and trust, the heart is for love.

Family Blessing

This design features a large, endless floral "ring of life." The floral ring's many tulips "shower" the family with faith and hope; the star flowers add good luck.

Good Luck, Love and Happiness

This design features the mystical "Bird of Paradise" symbolizing the beauty, wonder and mystery of life on earth. The four leaf clover add a large measure of good luck.

Willkommen (Happy Home and Many Friends)

The large red heart symbolizes a loving home and heart. Tulip "couples," show the importance friends and family, showering the "home" with love and support. A Distelfink is for good luck and happiness.

Hereford (Protects Farm Animals & Pets)

The Hereford was also used in hex signs. Herefords, steers raised for food, highlighted the importance food and food animals play in life. The Hereford also protected farm animals and pets.

Horse (Protects Farm Animals & Pets)

The horse played a major role in early farm life. The horse was one of the symbols selected to ensure protection for farm animals and pets. It helps protect against disease and lightening.

Dutch Irish (Luck of the Irish)

A slightly modified traditional Pennsylvania-Dutch barn hex. A large, green Shamrock (traditional good luck sign) forms the design center or heart. Distelfinks shower it with a "double measure" of good fortune. A heart for love, Trinity Tulips for faith, hope and charity.

Love & Friendship

A traditional Pennsylvania-Dutch barn hex.
2 Distelfinks warmly embrace to show love and friendship. Their "one" heart is laced with love; the tulip adds faith this love will be everlasting. An endless ring of rain drops showers them with bounty.

Love (Enchantment & Happiness)

The rosette is one of the basic "good luck" symbols, ensuring luck and success in love. The hearts placed between the petals in a closed circle, provide endless enchantment and happiness.

Love & Marriage (Loving, Happy Marriage)

The joining of two doves symbolizes matrimony. The two hearts, united, represent the joining of bodies and spirits as one. Trinity tulips for faith, hope and charity, scalloped border for smooth sailing.

Maple (Life's Beauty)

The leaves, radiating from the center, portray the diversity and beauty of life, sweetness and purity of life. A good luck rosette completes the design.

Morning Bird (Health, Happiness)

2 morning birds joyfully singing. A large, four pointed "star" flower adds a good luck throughout life. The flowers and greenery symbolize health and vitality. The "endless" outer ring offer everlasting life.

Mighty Oak (Strength, Health, Long Life)

4 large oak leaves from the center. The oak symbolizes strength, health in body and mind, and endurance or long life. The 4 leaves are used to represent the four seasons of life- spring, summer, fall, winter.

Petal Rosette (Joy & Prosperity)

A large rosette having 12 colorful petals. The rosette is a good luck symbol. The twelve petals, one for each month, ensure good luck all year. The leaf clusters near the outer ring symbolize family groupings.

White Unicorn (Virtue , Contentment)

Unicorns, representing piety and virtue, have a horn in their foreheads and a lions' tail. Their close placement is to show all creatures, even "wild animals," can live in peace.

Sun, Rain & Fertility

8 point star with a stylized sun center, which warms Mother Earth and lights life. Rain, a circle of rain drops, provides the water essential to life on earth, for abundance in field, barn and home.

Tree of Life

Each of the tree's fruits is a traditional hex . The rosette- good luck; the 8 point star- bounty; the tulips- faith, hope and charity, the rain-harmony with nature, the outer circle- everlasting life.

Pineapple (Warmth, Hospitality)

The pineapple symbolizes warmth and hospitality for all.


Facing Distelfink birds ensure happiness and good fortune. A "lucky" star and greenery, symbolizing life's bounty.