Dream Interpretation and Analysis

Society often forgives the criminal; it never forgives the dreamer.
— Oscar Wilde (1854-1900), Anglo-Irish playwright, author.

Dreams have always been the most enigmatic part of our lives. We have seesawed from the ancient belief that dreams were our direct connection to the supernatural, to today's modern skepticism which sees dreams as being a result of a combination of daily experiences, conversations, and diet. The truth, in my opinion, probably lies somewhere in between.

Dreams reflect our emotions and experiences, but they can also be of a prophetic nature, or even harbingers of danger. Dreams can help us solve seemingly impossible problems, by allowing our unconscious mind to work out a solution, unfettered by the limitations of the waking state. Recurring dreams often show us the strong and weak points in our personalities. They also can reflect situations, problems and/or relationships that have yet to be worked out successfully in our waking life. Sometimes dreams recur because the messages they contain either haven't been understood, or are discarded upon awakening.

By the time we're 75, we've spent close to 25 years asleep; of this 25 years, we've dreamt for nearly 10. While sleep is imperative for our bodies to grow, rejuvenate and heal; we should also attempt to use this time to better understand daily life and our experiences within it. In so doing, we can heal our mental and emotional states as well as our physical state.

Dream Dictionary - A


Dream of this ancient calculator, and it's a portent of financial improvement through careful attention to details and meticulous work. If you see it as a child's toy in your dream, it foretells success in a pending business deal.


Being abandoned is a contradictory dream. It means that you will reconcile with a lover, or quickly recover from trouble. Abandoning someone close means trouble is coming towards you, but by heeding the warning of the dream you can avoid it. Abandoning something bad means that good financial news is coming your way. If you witness an abandonment in a dream, it means that important news is on the way.


Being abducted in a dream means you will triumph against any odds or obstacles, whether business or social. If someone else is abducted in your dream, it means unexpected news is coming your way.


Another contradictory dream if dreaming of pain in this area will indicate success due to strong health and vigor. Dreaming your Abdomen is being exposed, is a bad sign however, and is a warning of unfaithfulness or treachery and may come from someone you trust and hold dear. Be extremely cautious.


When you find something extremely distasteful in your dreams, it is a warning of danger or difficult times. These are usually of an unforeseen nature; but, if the feeling was not very strong and you were simply, slightly annoyed by this feeling present in your dream, then you will overcome your difficulties.


If you dream of fantastic things, like a cat with horns, it means that a sound and happy solution to your problems is on its way.


If you are a woman and you dream of an abortion, it means your health could be in trouble. If you are a man and you dream of abortion, it means a failure in either love or finances. In general, dreaming of an abortion indicates you will not succeed in the project which most occupies your mind at the time of the dream, whether it concerns love or money.


Dreams of being in foreign lands means that your current situation is unsettled, and may mean a possible move for you. If you dream of sailing a ship abroad, it means you may soon meet a new and very influential friend.


Dreaming of forgiveness from a friend or absolution from a priest indicates you can look forward to a long period of peace of mind.


Desire for independence.


An abyss in a dream is considered an obstacle. If you don't fall into the abyss in your dream, you will overcome any current problems. However, if you slip into the abyss, you should be very careful in your business dealings, for there is danger waiting for you.


A properly functioning accelerator, gas pedal, or throttle on a motor vehicle indicates you will achieve your goals by your own efforts.


Something unplanned is coming your way.


Being accosted in a dream by a man means that someone you consider a friend is being untrue to you, and is likely trying to frame you or deceive you in some way. However, if you are accosted by a woman, a beggar, or someone you know then money is on its way to you, likely in the form of a legacy or business profit.


There is nothing contradictory when dreaming of accounts (money). Adding up accounts means don't lend money. However, if you accounts balance it means a profitable proposition will soon be coming your way. If you are tasked to work out your employer's accounts, it is a warning to beware your enemies.


If you meet a new acquaintance or renew an old one in a dream, it means that you will find something you thought lost. However, if you quarrel with an acquaintance in a dream, it means you should seek advice on a minor health ailment.


A desire for recognition.


Writing a personal address in a dream means you should not gamble. Hearing or talking about an address in a dream is a warning to be more discreet about your personal affairs.


If you adopt someone in a dream, it means that relatives will soon ask for your help. If you're adopted in a dream, it means that enemies may soon raise their hands against you. If you adopt children in a dream it means that you will have difficulties in your love life.


Committing adultery in a dream it's a warning to keep your secrets to yourself. If you resist committing adultery, it means any setbacks in your life will be shortlived. If you dream of your wife committing adultery, it means you'll soon have trouble with your neighbors; your husband, and you could soon be receiving an inheritance. In general, dreaming of adultery in any form is a prediction of problems in your love life.


Dreaming of being on an adventure means that you are soon going to be facing big changes in your life.


Dreaming of affluence means that you will soon see your situation improved. The larger the affluence in the dream, the more short lived your financial problems.


In your dream, a departing airplane means success; a landing aircraft warns of jealousy among your friends. If you're piloting the plane, you're about to attain an achievement. However, if you are simply flying in the plane, it means that your life will soon be filled with numerous ups and downs. An airline crash means a business failure. Surviving a plane crash means financial gains; seeing yourself killed in a crash is warning to control your passions.


A busy airport represents a desire for freedom and/or travel; an empty airport means any travel plans you have will be changed or delayed.


Eating and thoroughly enjoying fresh almonds in a dream means financial gain; however, if the almonds taste bitter then your gain will be accompanied by a short time of sorrow. To see a healthy almond tree foretells much happiness and wedded bliss; a blighted almond tree means just the opposite.


To dream of letters in the alphabet means that an absent friend will soon return. If you are writing the alphabet, unexpected good news is on its way. If you're writing the alphabet in a foreign language, you will soon solve a mystery.


This is a contradictory dream. If you dream of achieving it, you will face setbacks in your life. If you do not achieve your goals in your dream, you will achieve them in your waking life.


This is a general warning against indiscretion with the opposite sex. More specifically, an empty ambulance means you will soon lose a friend. If you call for an ambulance for yourself in a dream, it means you will recover from an illness. Call for ambulance for a relative, however, and you could soon have money troubles.


The greater the fun, the greater the satisfaction in your life.


Dreaming of anarchy is a warning to be very cautious in any business dealings. Being an anarchist could symbolize a loss of freedom for you in some way.


Dreaming of an anchor is an indicator of the need for stability. Sometimes, a desire for a permanent home; to put down roots.


In general, dreaming of either petting or feeing an animal means that good fortune is ahead of you. Cast an animal aside, push him away, or harm him and it means that you could be heading for relationship problems.

Specific animal meanings include:

  • Alligator: you're surrounded by enemies.

  • Anteater: Don't take financial risks.

  • Antelope: Sudden improvement in your financial situation.

  • Apes: If apes are in a cage, you will soon face opposition in your love life. Also, a warning to take your work more seriously.

  • Baboons: You could soon meet someone you will marry. If you're already married, it means a rise in social status and good fortune in business dealings.

  • Bats: If the bats are flying it is a symbol of reassurance and calm. If you see bats at night, however, problems are coming towards you. If you're brushed by a flying bat, it means that any bad luck will quickly pass.

  • Bear: Success is assured. But if the bear attacks you in your dream, it means that someone is out to harm you.

  • Bull: Tells you that you're facing hard competition in your life. See a white bull in your dream, however, and it means you're coming into a very lucky streak. If you're chased by a bull, it means you'll soon receive a gift.

  • Cats are generally seen as bad luck in a dream. If a woman dreams of a kitten, however, it means she'll soon have a pleasant flirtation. If a man dreams of a kitten, however, it means disappointment in love.

  • Dogs symbolize friends. Friendly dogs mean good times mean ones mean bad times.

  • Dragons: A powerful person will push you toward success and you'll achieve much money.

  • Elephants: Your health is good. Can also signify you'll soon meet someone who will influence your career to the good.

  • Horse: Riding a horse symbolizes happiness and independence. In general, horses symbolize good luck, unless it's black. A black horse symbolizes grief.

  • Lion: Lions in a dream symbolize social success. If a lion roars in your dream, there'll be jealousy. A lion cub signifies new friends.

  • Monkeys: Symbolize lies and deceit.

  • Rabbits: Good luck and fertility.

  • Snakes: Coiled around you means you're addicted to your passions. More than one snake in a dream means someone will disappoint you. Kill a snake, and you'll overcome your obstacles.


Antlers symbolize much success and happiness.


Seeing an apparition in a dream is a portent of serious illness. If the apparition is of someone you know, you will probably want to contact the person soon to ensure s/he is alright.


If you dream your arm or arms have been injured and unusable then this is brought on by a feeling of loss connected with the ability to care for yourself, (if you are an older person), or a feeling of helplessness in reaching out to others, ( in a sense that your arm is bound ), and a restriction of your activities. Your right arm is associated with your outgoing nature, and the left arm represents your supportive, or nurturing nature.


A marching army means you'll have to travel to get what you want. A fighting army means that treason is around the corner.


If you are arrested in a dream, it means sadness is coming towards you, followed by joy. If others are arrested, you'll soon receive a surprise gift. If you are released from an arrest in a dream, it means that a sudden success will be yours.


Arriving at a railroad, bus or airport is a dream of the successful conclusion of a difficult task. To see others arrive is a sign of good health.


Dreaming of an atlas means you could soon be moving. If you are consulting an atlas it means your money troubles will soon be over. If you buy an atlas in a dream, it means you'll soon go a long trip, mostly likely overseas.


The attic, being an upper room, shows you have lofty aspirations that you will have much difficulty with, but will win out to your goals after an extended period of time. If the attic is well appointed, and brightly lit, then you will have luck with either love or matrimony. The attic can also represent the mind, and if the attic is chaotic this will be a sign telling you to organize your thoughts for better living.


To dream of being or bidding at an auction promises abundance.


You are faced with serious obstacles and are nervous because of them. You should change your plans. If you're buried in an avalanche, you will have a stroke of good luck. If others are buried, a change is coming towards you.


If you see yourself waking up in a dream, you can anticipate much happiness coming towards you. To dream of an awakening of the spirit denotes many friends who will stand by you through thick and thin.


Good fortune will come to you if you dream of receiving an award for work that is well performed.


A sharp, shiny axe means you'll soon be rewarded for a job well done. A dull axe signifies loss of prestige that could have been avoided. Swinging an axe means a promotion. A broken axe means loss of money.


Disaster is predicted by a dream of breaking an axle on any kind of vehicle. To dream of mending an axle or fitting a new one is a sign of improvement in conditions.


Dream Dictionary - B


If the baby in your dream is crying, it may mean ill health or minor disappointments for you. A beautiful, clean baby foretells of a wonderful love affair, or making many new friends. A nursing baby can mean either contentment or even deception; the exact meaning can only be derived by taking into account the other symbols in the dream.


Musical instruments such as a bagpipe seen are a sign of good fortune if the music is pleasant. If the player resembles a tramp and/or the sound is discordant, then misfortune is headed towards you.


You need someone to "bail you out" in your business; in other words, you need to accept help from professionals. To make bail for someone else could signify accidents and misadventure for the dreamer.


Dreaming of a modern day bakery with all the good smells and smiling people denotes much richness and success for you. To dream you are making the bread shows you will be making more money in your endeavors.


If you are playing some sort of ball game as a sport you will soon be hearing some good news. If the ball you dream of is a gala event complete with music then the interpretation is somewhat different. It is a very good omen if you are having fun and enjoying the music and dancing but if it should be a masquerade ball you should watch out for an enemy posing as a good friend. Watching a ball game, or a dance from the sidelines, show that you must overcome shyness to join in the fun.


To dream of seeing balloons in your dream indicates a dashing of hope on any and all fronts, business or love, as well as a general falling off of all kinds of businesses you may be involved in. If you are ascending in a balloon this is an omen of especially frustrating conditions in your life.


Casting your ballot at an election promises fulfillment of a wish you'd thought impossible to achieve.


If you dream that you are playing the banjo you will have an enjoyable time with friends. if you see someone else playing the banjo then you will meet an exciting new love. If you are listening to banjo music from afar you will soon have some visitors from out of town. To hear banjo music on a radio show, you will have success in love.


This is another contradictory dream. If you dream you're filing bankruptcy, it means you will do well financially. However, if you see others filing bankruptcy, it means to avoid getting involved in any business dealings that are not completely forthright.


A dream of tending bar denotes that you will stoop to some questionable way to advancement. Seeing a bar denotes community interests, good fortune and the consummation of illicit desires.


If a dog barks menacingly in your dream, you're in grave danger.


Dreaming of walls, closed doors, fences and any other type of barriers predicts the frustration of plans, as a general rule.


If you attend a baseball game in your dream you will find contentment and peace or mind. If you dream you are playing the game of baseball you will find contentment, but no real gains, in life unless you quit 'playing', and buckle down to achieving your goals.


Dreaming of being in a basement indicates you feel the need to retreat to safety; you need a refuge from your stress.


A full basket predicts new opportunities are coming towards you. An empty basket, or one that is damaged, implies that you will lose money due to some aspect or behavior of yourself.


Bathing in the sea (or swimming in the sea) foretells of good fortune beyond your wildest dreams. If you bathe in a lake, your difficulties will soon fade away. If you bath in a river, good surprises are coming towards you. If you bathe with others in your dream, it means that someone close to you needs your help.


Battles or wars indicate a struggle with some internal conflict.


This type of dream also encompasses jewelry and gems, and predicts social success. If the beads are being strung or counted in your dream, you will receive money from an unexpected source. If a bead is lost or dropped in your dream, you will have to cope with small setbacks and disappointments.


If you dream of working on a beach, it means you'll soon be involved with in a very time intensive project. If you see yourself sitting on a beach and letting the sand run through your fingers, this means you're running out of time on something important, and you should stop idling and procrastinating.


If you dream that you are sleeping on a bed in the outdoors this foretells much success in your endeavors. If you dream of going to bed with a stranger of the opposite sex, this is indicative of making friends too fast, and speaks for caution in affairs. A bed that is not your own shows that you can expect a small increase in good luck in your business affairs, and your own bed offers you security that you may be lacking in your life. If you are making up the bed you will have callers.


To begin something in your dream is your subconscious telling you that you need to get on with what you have only been planning. It is a warning of wasting valuable time through procrastination.

Best Man

A single man who dreams of being a best man at a wedding foretells his marriage in a year.


This is another contradictory dream. If you are worrying about bills in your dream, it means you'll soon have a run of good financial luck. If you're paying bills in your dream, however, it means you'll soon be needing financial assistance.


If you are being watched through binoculars in your dream, be on your guard and think very carefully before you act in your waking life. If the binoculars are used for spying, you may soon have to defend your reputation. However, if you possess the binoculars in your dream, it means future happiness.


Birds signify transcendence from one state of being to another; spiritual growth.


To dream of feeding birds with much birdseed promises a very large income in the near future, and if you are spreading it around on the ground, your business will 'take root' and grow. This is a good dream and it also is an encouragement to the dreamer to forge ahead with his/her plans and not be deterred by misplaced loyalty, in other words, don't let someone rain on your parade.


If the dreamer is pregnant the dream will be an acting out of hidden wishes, fears or desires, but, soon after you dream of giving birth to a child, or someone else giving birth, you will hear some good news. If the birth is in relation to animals this shows that any enemies working against your best interests will be defeated, and if the birth is multiple then you will gain a larger monetary reward for your labors.


Celebrating a birthday in a dream is a good omen, whether the birthday is yours or someone else's. It means good health and peace will be yours.


If you dream you're bitten, you may have just uncovered a secret you'd just as soon not have known. If you bite someone else in your dream, however, it means that your relationship with your lover is based on false pretenses.


This encompasses blades of all types, including swords and knives. A clean, shiny blade predicts new friends. A rusty, dirty blade predicts health problems.


Being blind in a dream denotes deception of some sort. If you're the one who's blind, someone close to you is about to betray you. If someone else in your dream is blind, it means deceit, and you should be alert to any type of treacherous behavior around you.


An empty box in your dream means that your plans may go awry. However, if there's something in the box, then you'll be able to overcome the obstacles. If you open a box in your dream, you'll soon be going on a long trip. If the box you open is full, someone is about to propose to you.


Boys at any kind of play are a good sign, especially if they are engaged in athletic events. Even a dream of fighting boys augurs well for the dreamer. A boy at play with a girl predicts happiness in marriage and love affairs. If one boy is at play with many girls, the prophecy is of an adventure that will turn out well. A boy at work to earn money is a fortunate omen for those who are contemplating marriage.


Brakes are a warning dream, and more so if you dream that you braked a vehicle and the brakes failed. Failing brakes are a warning not to accept a new offer that you have just been presented with, as there are well hidden snags that can harm more that help. The action of braking itself is an idiom telling you to 'put the brakes on', whether it is business or love, or even some impetuous act that could cause you legal trouble. You should also check your brakes on your personal vehicle.


If you see yourself eating breakfast alone, you must learn to think before you speak. If you're eating the meal with others, however, it's an indication you'll get what you want if you're patient enough to wait.


If you're out of breath in your dream, or having trouble breathing, it means you're suffering from a guilty conscience about something you've done in the past. If you're breathing slowly and calmly in your dream, however, it means the time is right to achieve all types of things.


If a young woman dreams of being a bride she will inherit money, particularly if she appears in a happy frame of mind while dressing for he wedding. If she is displeased she will be disappointed with her husband. If in a dream you kiss a bride, you will be reconciled with former enemies. If a bride kisses others, it foretells many friends and much happiness. If the bride kisses you, your sweetheart will inherit some money. If you kiss a bride that looks tired and ill, it means that you will not be successful and that you will be disapproved by your friends. For a bride to dream of being indifferent to her husband predicts a short honeymoon.


A man who dreams of going through the marriage ceremony is likely to find a sum of money that will relieve him for the time being. If he cannot find the wedding ring in time for the ceremony, he will be criticized for his conduct by his superiors. If a man dreams of being nervous while being married, he will be confronted with the necessity of making a momentous decision.


For a girl to dream that she is a bridesmaid foretells a happy marriage within a year. If her dress is torn, she will find that her husband is secretive.


Dream of a wooden bridge and it's a clue that you lack willpower in your waking life. A railroad bridge is a sign of good luck in business. A bridge over a road (viaduct) suggests you're being too ambitious. See a bridge set in stone or concrete, and any large plans you have will soon be realized. If you see a bridge being built, it means you have an active imagination. If you cross a bridge, a job change is on its way for you.


If you see any kind of bruise, it's a warning you're living too fast. If the bruises are on your legs, your reputation is at stake, and you should definitely slow down.


If the buildings you dream of are stately and majestic you could have to much ceremony in your life and not enough everyday good people attitudes. If the buildings are beautiful with lots of green lawn around them then are you destined for a life of plenty. Should the buildings be dilapidated and in ruins then this will show that you will have business or love problems with the likelihood of loss very high.


A bullet in a dream is a very bad omen. A lead bullet thrown at you by a strange person means that you will be slandered by someone you have trusted. To dream of finding a bullet is a sign of someone plotting against you. If you are hit with one this is to warn you to have a medical checkup immediately, and if you see a bullet, or several, do not do or say anything that can be misconstrued as you could lay yourself open to some very bad scandal.


Bumping into someone or something in your dream is a warning to be careful in every thing you do.


Witnessing a burial (even your own) signifies that the end of a phase is at hand. It is now time to take a new direction.


A dream of a butterfly could be telling you to settle down and not to flit from person to person or it could have to do with social situations. The bigger and more beautiful the butterfly, the more of an impression you will make on society, or at a special function that you must attend. Use the other symbols in your dream to get you on the right track.

Buying and Selling

Buy a house, and a short but pleasant love is on its way. Sell a house, and you will soon be released from some current responsibility. If you get a receipt for your purchases in your dream, better times are waiting for you around the corner. Go to a sale in your dream, and you'll soon see a valuable gift. If you see yourself on a spending spree, however, it's a warning that you should be very careful with your money.


Dream Dictionary - C


If you're riding alone in a cab, life will be comfortable; ride with others at night and scandal will follow you, unless you're riding with friends. If riding with friends, it means you will soon discover a secret.


Dreaming of a cactus indicates you're feeling crowded, that someone (or something) is invading your space. You're feeling the need to establish boundaries and protect your privacy. The dream could also be telling you to adapt to existing circumstances if you cannot change them; just as the cactus has adapted itself to the hot, dry circumstances of its desert environment.


Seeing a bird cage in your dream means indicates a happy marriage. An empty cage with an open door, however, is an omen of betrayal. If you're buying a cage in your dream, it indicates that an unsettled period in your life is ending. If you're trapped in a cage in your dream, it's symbolic of feeling trapped in your life and, thus, needing to make changes.


To see someone you know well using a calculator indicates that circumstances may soon bring out a colder, more calculating, side of this person. If you are totaling up a debt that someone owes you, it is an omen that you will have to dun someone in order to get your money or property back. If you are calculating your monthly bills, it is an omen that you will soon have harassing business worries.


Camels are a warning omen to be more conservative.


Dreaming of a camera may indicate that some of your friends aren't as true as they seem to be. Therefore, you should keep your secrets to yourself. It may also mean that you're feeling a lot of stress and pressure in one aspect of your life.


If you're drinking from a can, wonderful things are about to happen to you. If you merely open a can, you're going to lose love to a rival. Simply throw away an empty can, and a serious disaster could be around the corner.


A burning candle is a sign of unexpected events. Snuff out a candle and you're in for a romantic disappointment. Buying candles is an indication of dissatisfaction with your life. If you see candles being carried by others in your dream, your social life is about to pick up. Dreaming of lit candles can also indicate a need for constancy in your life.


Dreaming of a cane or crutch indicates a need for internal or external support.


If you see yourself under a canopy and you can expect a period of security, as the canopy is a symbol of protection.


Making carbon copies of something is an indication that someone close to you is being dualistic and is deceiving you.


Playing or watching others play cards is a warning to be cautious with your finances. If you're dealing the cards in your dream, bad news is around the corner. See clubs, and you'll have success in business. See diamonds, and good financial news is in your future. See hearts, and it bodes well for love. See spades, and trouble is on the way.


If you see a carnival, but are not participating, it's an indication you're going through a period of depression. Get stuck on a carnival ride, and it's an indication your life is too filled with the ups and downs of daily stress.


Dreaming of a castle indicates that you're currently having a problem with controlling anger. Dreaming of visiting a castle indicates you'll soon be traveling.


Seeing a dark, underground cave generally spells danger. However, a cave on a hill or mountain indicates that you'll soon have new opportunities. If you dream you're inside a cave, you'll experience frustration. See the cave from the outside, and your situation will gradually improve.


See a cracked ceiling in your dream, and a friend is going to cause you trouble. But a nicely decorated ceiling is a protective sign of happiness.


Dreaming of a cellar indicates you're depressed. If the cellar is full of wood or coal, you'll soon come out of your depression. Bottles of wine in the cellar indicates you'll be a while yet before snapping out of it. An empty cellar means you'll shortly feel back to your old self.


Dreaming of cement is a happy sign that you're soon to receive a promotion or pay raise.


Wear a charm and you'll soon need to make an important decision. If you're given a charm, life will be full of ups and downs for a while.


If you dream of a chase in progress or if you participate in a chase, you can expect a comfortable retirement and good health in your elder years.


If you see yourself being cheated in a dream, you can expect a stroke of good luck. If you're do the cheating, someone will soon outwit you in your waking life



If you cheer in your dream, you will soon regret something you've done on impulse. If you hear others cheering, it's a warning to stop any extravagant spending.


Any dream that features chocolate in it is a simple omen that presages good health and contentment, coupled with a pampered lifestyle.


Dream of going to the cinema (movies) and its a warning to not be taken in by appearances.


A perfectly drawn circle in your dream is a prediction of many good things to come, and prosperity beyond measure. If you draw the circle yourself, be careful that you're taking advantage of all your opportunities. If the circle is wobbly, or appears to be a child's drawing, you will still reach your goals but you will have troubles on the way to it. If the circle is broken, it denotes failed marriages.


The more clean you notice something is in your dream, the stronger the warning to beware of getting involved with anything shady or unethical.


Indicates either the need for or the achievement of self mastery or consciousness raising.


Indicates you should stop procrastinating and take action!


An empty closet is warning not to go into debt. A full closet means you'll experience excellent business profits. A linen closet means that good times are ahead at home.


If the sun is covered with clouds, it's indicative of a strong sense of responsibility. If the clouds over the moon, you are patient and persevering. Cloudy weather indicates you may be heading into a period of low emotions. Fluffy white clouds indicate you're doing well at work.


If there is no spider in the web, it indicates calm days and happy times ahead. If you see a web being spun, you're in soon for some criticism.


Dream of coffee and it's a sign your finances and home life are healthy and happy. If you drink bitter coffee in your dream, you will soon break with a friend. If you spill coffee in your dream, you're in soon for some disappointments.

Cold weather

If you dream of being cold, it means someone close to you is being disloyal. Trying to keep out the cold means that things aren't going your way. Cold hands indicate money troubles. Cold legs are a warning to beware depression.


This is a warning to make that decision you've been putting off, even if you have to ask someone for advice.


  • Blue signifies tranquility, understanding, patience, truth, devotion, and sincerity.

  • Green signifies finance, fertility, luck, energy, and growth.

  • Orange signifies encouragement, adaptability, attraction, plenty, and kindness.

  • Red signifies strength, health, sexual love, and/or danger.

  • Yellow signifies persuasion, charm, confidence, joy, and comfort.


To dream of signing a contract is an omen that you will soon be experiencing a rise in your profession, but if you refuse to sign the contract, your promotion could be more than you had hoped for. If you dream you have gotten into a bad contract, or someone has duped you into signing a contract that will only bring you problems, then this is a warning to examine your relationships with the opposite sex; marriage may not be the best idea at this time.


This is a contradictory dream. See yourself convicted in a dream, and you'll soon see yourself prosper. See a convict escape and you should ready yourself for some ups and downs.


Dreaming of cooking, or seeing food cooked, is a good omen that promises security and many material comforts for you.

Cord (rope)

Tie a cord yourself, and your own efforts will achieve what you desire. Untying a cord predicts trouble in your love life. Breaking or cutting a cord is a sign that you should cut loose a relationship that has outlived its time.


Hearing a cork pop is a sure sign of good news on its way.


This is a warning to not force an issue in your life. If you see yourself turning a corner, however, then you can soon expect a nice surprise



Wearing a costume in your dream is much like wearing a mask in a dream. You feel the need to hide your true self from the world.


This is a warning to listen to the advice of good friends; you're in danger of lulling yourself into a false sense of security.


This could be a straightforward dream to check out a worrisome medical condition. It could also presage a loss caused by flood, fire, or theft.


See yourself counting something in your dream and it may be an indication you're taking on too much in your life. Counting money, though, predicts a pay raise.


A cradle signifies the potential for advancement.


Any kind of crash symbolizes a big achievement in your life. The bigger the crash, the greater the achievement.


Hear or see a crime and your circumstances are about to improve. Commit a crime and you'll succeed in something close to your heart. Get caught committing a crime, and it's a warning to keep your secrets.

Crossing a river

Indicates that you're going through a fundamental change in attitudes.


You will soon have to make an important decision. Listen closely to any advice given to you by those you trust.


A full cup indicates money coming in. An empty cup indicates money going out.


This is a warning to curb excesses in your life, especially any extravagant spending.


If the curtains are open in your dream, you will outwit someone who is working against you. If you're hanging new curtains, you'll see an increase in your social life. White curtains indicate the need to perform some irksome task. Colored curtains indicate your standard of living will continue to be modest for a while longer.


The plumper the cushion, the more problems you'll soon face. Dream of old, shabby cushions and you can expect small gains in your life.


Dream Dictionary - D


To see a dagger in your dream is a warning to be careful of saying 'cutting' words to someone. To wrench the dagger from someone's hand means you will overcome adversity and misfortune.In general, daggers indicate that you are feeling significant anger toward someone or are afraid that others may deceive you or take advantage of you. Freud thought that all such objects were phallic symbols.


To dream of being in a dairy shows the dreamer has been too weak natured in the past and has let others get the better of him/her. To dream of owning a dairy means you will have much good fortune and never be without the staples of life.


This is a happy dream which indicates you feel joy, happiness and a sense of victory. Traditionally this dream predicts happy times ahead.


Dandelions glowing in a sunlit meadow denotes a happy life for you with your new spouse. To see yourself eating them or drinking dandelion tea is a sign you should have a physical checkup.


If you are in a dangerous situation in your dream, consider this a warning from your subconscious. Pay close attention to your finances, business matters, and health. If you faced the danger in your dream, it may be a positive sign and an indication that you are capable of overcoming current obstacles. If your life or body is threatened by immediate danger and you escape, it means that you will take your place in business or society at a high position. If you are wounded or killed then you will show many losses in business and love.


Symbolizes the subconscious, a turning inward.


If you are the dead person in your dream it suggests that you world like to leave all of your worries and struggles behind and start a new. Dreaming about someone that you care about dying may express your fear about losing that individual and having to live your life without them. Death in general in a dream symbolizes the end of something and the start of opportunities for new beginnings.


This dream suggests you feel you are losing control in your waking life.


Deserts symbolize your unconscious. Since deserts are generally barren, dreaming of one could symbolize issues of stagnation lack of growth in your life. Also, the desert could represent feelings of loneliness and isolation. If, on the other hand, you have a particular affinity for deserts, then dreaming of one may be a positive symbol for you, presaging a period of serenity and oneness for you.


Diamonds represent what is most precious to you. Dreaming of them could represent love and money, as well as universal truths and spiritual consciousness. It may be a call to seriously consider what is important to you; to sort out your priorities.


Dinosaurs refers to something in your past, or to a part of your personality which has changed and you no longer use or exhibit.


Dreaming about soil and the earth, usually symbolizes fertility and the potential to grow. Rich soil may be an indication that the time is right for work and new beginnings. Dreaming about dry, barren soil, may be a reflection of your negative mood. It may include feelings of depression, or general feelings of boredom and emptiness.


If you see people or things disappearing before your very eyes, this is a dream that is pointing up your insecurities and concern about the important people, conditions, situations, or people that might disappear from your life. This an anxiety dream and shows that you need to work on you self image through building your self worth.


Dreaming about natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods, is an indication there are many changes going on in your life.


The word disease literally means ill of ease. The dream could refer to physical or emotional health.


Having this dream may mean that you are trying to get to the bottom of a current situation or feeling. Water symbolizes the unconscious, thus another interpretation for this dream may be that you are delving into your unconscious. Finally, Freud thought that diving may have sexual connotations and represents intercourse.


A dream of a divorce, whether you are in a courtroom or not, is a warning that you must change your ways and learn to compromise rather than demand, or your marriage is in danger of divorce. A single life of frustration is that of a woman who dreams of a divorce because of cheating lovers.


Dreaming about a doctor may represents a need for physical, emotional or spiritual healing. Depending on your belief system, the doctor in your dream could also represent you higher self or inner guidance.


Dreaming of dogs could symbolize loyalty and hard work. If someone calls you a dog, it's a negative reflection on your personality. If you are being treated like a dog, you are most likely being abused in some way. On the metaphysical level, dogs are consider to be the guards of the underworld, and for the dreamer they may be bringing up some messages from the unconscious. Finally, dogs could represent the more basic or animal parts of ourselves, and some think that they specifically represent male energy.


Dolphins represent friendliness, communal living, rescue, communication and affection. They are water dwelling mammals and in our dreams they may represent our willingness and our ability to navigate through our emotions. They may also represent positive messages from our unconscious minds. Dolphins may represent a positive connection between consciousness and those parts of ourselves that are a mystery to us.


Dreaming about a donkey may represent humility, honor and "royalty" in disguise. On the opposite end of things, it may symbolize stubbornness and an unyielding personality. Also, it may represent a person who has many burdens and carries a "heavy load". Either way, the individual symbolized by the donkey has redeeming qualities which include ruggedness, endurance, and loyalty.


Doors symbolize passage and passageways. Going thorough a door may represent going form one state of consciousness to another, or from one inner plane to another. If the doors are locked or closed it may represent opportunities that are not currently available to you, or obstacles. Dreaming of a lot of doors may represent choices that you are currently faced with.


The symbol of peace and love herald the end of disagreements. Dreaming of white doves foretell a happy domestic life filled with peace and tranquillity. A flock of doves means that you will soon welcome home an old friend, and if you hear doves cooing, your love will be returned, but, if you hear turtle doves you will soon hear some disheartening news.


If you dream that a dragonfly lands on your body then you will have excellent news from someone far away from home. If you see a dead dragonfly, then the news will be bad. A dragonfly perched gracefully on some other object shows that you will soon be having guests that may be hard to get rid of.


To dream that you are dreaming is usually the effect of excessive worry and in one dream the dreamer wakes up to find that things are all straightened out until, lo and behold, the sleeper finds it is yet another dream. It is not uncommon to have more than two levels to a dream, the main reason hear is fear and worry over life's circumstances. There is no interpretation for this dream as it is not a symbol, it is condition of the state of the emotions of the dreamer.


If you dream that you are driving a vehicle it is a sign that you should be careful to take no chances with your money, such as gambling, in the next two weeks or so. If someone else is doing the driving you will find yourself in luck, money wise. To dream of driving in the driving rain must be interpreted by using the condition of the rain, either murky or clear, to get a better meaning.


This is a very common dream that usually invokes a great amount of fear. However, it may have positive significance. This dream may suggest to the dreamer that he is overwhelmed by unresolved emotions, old issues, or a current crisis. It suggests that a release of the old is necessary in order to emerge and begin anew. This dream serves to awaken the dreamer to consciously embrace and begin to effectively cope with problems and negativity in his life.


To see ducks swimming on clear water shows that you will have a lucky journey, possibly over water. On a farm, if you see a white duck, it presages a good harvest and prosperity. if you hunt a duck you will soon lose your employment, and, if you shoot ducks you have enemies working against you. To see ducks flying in your dream is an omen of good luck pertaining to your marriage and/or your family.


Dream Dictionary - E


Seeing an eagle in your dream suggests a forthcoming time of prosperity and success, as well as liberation from tedium. However if this bird attacks or scares you, prepare yourself for hard work with determination. See young eagles in their nest shows you are advancing up the social ladder to the "top." It also denotes inheritances and wise counseling. A soaring eagle tells you that you will realize your highest ambitions and desires. Kill an eagle in your dream and this shows you are ruthless and will let nothing stand in your way. If you see an eagle killed by someone else your fame, fortune and power will be taken from you.


Dreaming about ears warns you to guard against eavesdroppers who mean you harm. Dainty ears that are attractive denotes a person who needs to listen more and talk less. To dream of a pain in your ear means you will hear something that hurts your feelings.


To be shaken by an earthquake denotes that you will have some serious business challenges. If you manage to get to safety then you will overcome these problems and keep your business up to par. Should you be injured or trapped it foretells complete loss of all your business and assets.


Eating in a dream symbolizes the need for new interests and stimulation. However, if the foods you are eating are specifically those you enjoyed in your childhood, then you have a need for comfort and safe haven at the moment. If a waiter should clear away the food that you are eating before you are finished, this denotes a business loss that will injure your finances. If a spouse should do this in the middle of dining at home, you will have many domestic troubles. If you should be dining with others in elegant surroundings then you will have personal victories.


Dreaming of an echo means you may have to keep repeating yourself before someone decides to trust and believe you. To dream of making an echo off a mountain top is a sign of impending illness and a loss of earning power.


Dreaming of an eclipse of the sun is a warning that continued excesses will cause major health problems . An eclipse of the moon could also be your souls way of telling you to keep your head in tense situations.


When you dream of a feeling of ecstasy this shows a period of happiness for you in the form of joy in people, either friends or family. If the dream itself is disturbing and you still feel a measure of ecstasy in it then you may feel sadness from a broken love affair.


Dreaming you are in a school signifies you will soon have the desire to better yourself with a higher education or job training of one kind or the other. To dream you are attending college shows that your desire for education will set you apart from the rest, and denotes that you will have a successful life.


If you dream that you cannot hold onto a slippery eel this augers ill for your fortunes as they will slip away from you. If you dream of seeing a dead eel this shows that you will overcome all your enemies, and an eel in clear water shows excellent luck and fortune.


Eggs, in general, are an excellent omen for almost anything that concerns you or your family. If you dream that you find a nest filled with eggs you will soon see some financial gains. If the eggs are small or few in number, then your windfall will be small but significant, and will come at a time when you need it the most. If you see broken, cracked, or otherwise damaged eggs, than you will suffer a reversal of good fortune or a disappointment. If the eggs are brightly colored then you will celebrate a happy event in your family. If you are eating eggs this shows that your health will improve.


Dreaming of evening means you're ready to descend into the subconscious world.


An elephant in your dream may represent knowledge, power, and strength. It is also associated with long memory and "thick skin". You may be making efforts to remember something important and of great magnitude. If the elephant is pleasant and friendly you will have good luck in what you are undertaking to do. If you are riding the elephant, you will have much success. If you see an elephant performing, as in a circus, you will be surrounded by happy, loving people. If you see the elephant working, you will have success above your wildest dreams. Another meaning of the elephant dream has to do with whether or not you are seeking answers, or go to sleep with a particular problem on your mind, in which case the elephant denotes the key to knowledge and truth, and after sight of the elephant you will be told the answer.


Going up and down in the elevator may symbolize going from one state of consciousness to another. Messages from the unconsciousness may be accessible. Some believe that the elevator may be a symbol of a boring and mechanical sex life. On a more pragmatic note, the elevator may simply represent the "ups and downs" of life. If you are ascending then you may perceive your current situation as optimistic and moving upward. If you are descending you may be experiencing some negativity and helplessness. If the elevator continues to go up and down with out letting you off, it means you have let your emotions, or your situation, get out of control and must do something to stop it.


To dream that you have an enemy should always be taken as opposites, as this signifies the actions of a friend. If an enemy wins out over you and you are in danger of much loss, then this is the sign that you have a good friend that will soon come to your aid in real life. If, in your dream, a friend comes to your aid and you lose out to your enemy, this will show that you have only yourself to look to for help with your real life problems.


Dreaming of an envelope symbolizes you are about to receive news, information, or messages from someone specific. Dreaming of envelopes may also denote that you are coming into awareness about some aspect of your life, where you make new realizations and get to the "truth" of things. Some believe that seeing many unopened envelopes in your dreams, may represent missed opportunities.


This is an omen of good luck for many, as it is a statement that you are making good. To dream that you escape confinement from a jail, or prison, foretells that you will experience a rapid rise in your profession in the business world that surrounds you, a breaking out of the mold sort of progress. If your dream is that of escaping from a wild animal then you may have been dealing with a false friend and you need to keep alert. To escape a disaster means you will escape damage from a rumor, or a lie, that throws your character in a false light. If you do not escape, then you must accept the worst and prepare for an uphill battle, be sure you do not become your own worst enemy.


Traditionally, if the eyes are beautiful they represent peace. Closed eyes are said to represent fear and an unwillingness to see clearly. Crossed eyes may be a subconscious warning about someone's character or integrity. In general, eyes represent perception and self examination. If you injure your eyes, worry about them, or damage them in one way or the other, this shows that some one is trying to get the best of you in a business deal. The same holds true when dreaming you're wearing a hood over your eyes. If you are wearing a blindfold that you put on yourself, then this shows that you are the one closing your eyes to the truth of your waking situation. Exceptionally large eyes denote a lucky inheritance of money, while dark eyes bring you romance.


If you do not wear glasses in your waking life, dreaming of seeing yourself wearing them may mean you need to do a "reality check"; your subconscious mind is encouraging you to try to see things more clearly.


Dream Dictionary - F


Dreaming of a stranger's face could represent different parts of your personality; a comic face may indicate that you have a need to mock convention. Featureless faces suggest that you may feel unnoticed and unappreciated. Also, some believe that a blank or unclear face represents a teacher. Smiling faces are representative of happy thoughts and feelings, and possibly anticipation of a joyful event in the near future. To dream of seeing your own face in a mirror denotes some type of trouble ahead for you. A dream of weird, leering faces is warning you of potential danger to your person, or misfortune will dog your steps.


Dreaming of failure is associated with a fear of being inadequate and/or not having a winning personality. To dream of failure in a business means you are letting fear cloud all your dealings and must change this or suffer a real loss in revenue.


Fainting in a dream is a warning that you are engaging in activities or a lifestyle that is ruinous to your health. It is a warning to change while you are still able. If you see a family member faint it is a sign that you will hear of indiscreet activities on the relatives part.


If you should dream of a beautiful, happy fairy you will have much joy and happiness in your own life in pleasant surroundings. Should the fairy be sad, this denotes a loss of love or money, or both.


Dreaming of falling is often a dream symbol for the fear of failure, or failing to live up to someone's expectations. If you dream you are falling but you are not frightened or harmed, it shows that you will meet with adversity but overcome it with ease. If the fall greatly frightens you then will you under go a major struggle in life. If you are injured in the fall you will lose many friends. As a side note, it is also said that waking with a feeling of falling means that you've been astral travelling, and the falling feeling is your spirit returning to the body.


If you dream of a large family this means that your fortunes in life are looking up, but if the family is unhappy or bickering it will denote the opposite for you. It would mean the same if the family is an animal family. If the family is very sad expect some adverse reactions in your financial structure.


Traditionally, dreaming of a father can be seen as a symbol of authority and power. In the dream, you are expressing your attitude about your strengths and weaknesses, as they relate to your position in life, and your general attitude toward society.


Dreaming of feathers can have as many interpretations as there are feathers, depending on their actions, their colors, the type of bird that furnished them and where they were found. Try correlating all the know factors to glean the real answer from your dream. Generally though, a dream of many feathers floating in the air denotes a mighty stroke of good luck to your finances, while ornamental feathers denote an increase in social affairs; if you brush them off, you will have many small joys.


Feet represent your ability to move forward in life. Dreams with feet in them point to how well you are balanced and grounded. Also, washing the feet denotes freedom from worry, itching feet means you will walk on new land (travel), to see a strangers feet means you will meet someone new, hurting feet denote family problems, cold feet denote a reluctance to go through with something, losing your feet shows unexpected problems, children's feet bring small worries, large feet shows that you have good health, small feet brings many small worries.


Fences represent your level of self control and your need for privacy. It can also symbolize feelings of being trapped. It can also symbolize protection of property, self, and possession.


Fighting in a dream usually symbolizes anger and confusion, usually preceded by times of change. The degree of change can be determined by how hard you fought, and if you won or lost the fight. If you dream of others fighting it is telling you to be more careful with your financial dealings, and watch your spending.


Fire signifies anger, purification, and an abundance of energy. To see a house burning down in a dream is the warning that a close relative needs help from you desperately. If the fire burns you, you will have bad luck, if not, then you will have good luck. A small fire in the fireplace shows contentment in the dreamer, but if you stir it with a poker you will soon have a romantic adventure. If you manage to put out a destructive fire then you will overcome the obstacles in your path of life.


To see live fish in a dream is very much good luck unless the fish was carp, in which case it is a warning against subjecting yourself by your actions to criticism. A fish swimming in clear water is an omen that you will acquire personal wealth and power. but to see a dead fish as in a market is an omen of disappointment. Cooking and eating fish, except carp, indicates your present endeavors will meet with success.


Floating in water can be symbolic of floating on top of your emotions and in harmony with the unconscious. Floating through the air has the same symbolism as flying. Floating usually represents your current feelings of peacefulness and general freedom.


If the flood was gentle and the water clear you will soon see an end to all the worries that have been plaguing you about a certain matter. but if the water was angry and muddy this denotes that you will have great trials and tribulations in life. If the water does not drown you, you will eventually win out over your adversaries. If you are swept away by the flood, then that is a warning that someone is trying to use you.


To dream of floodlights shows that you want to throw a lot of light on a subject and get everything out in the open where it can be seen and understood. A floodlight that burns out shows that you will be kept in the dark about certain things, but if you replace the bulb, you will uncover all the secrets.


Represents your base, your support, the thing that supports you so you can walk through your house (life), and anything you dream concerning a floor must be considered in that manner in relationship with the rest of your dream. If you are cleaning, polishing, shining, repairing, or in some manner improving your floor is an omen that foretells of success in your endeavors to gain in the business world or to improve your standard of living. A slanted floor foretells that you are deviating too far from your original plans and that is not conducive to attaining your goals.


The colors of the flowers can symbolize the psychic centers, called chakras. Flowers also represent hope and positive growth, along with simplicity, innocence and possibly virginity. They symbolize contentment and pleasure.


Carl Jung believed that in dreaming of flying, we are expressing our desire to break free of restrictions and limitations. Alfred Adler, thought that this dream was a type of a superiority dream in which we reveal the desire to dominate and be above others. Focusing on the libido, Freud thought that flying was just another way to express sexual desires. Traditionally, If you dream you are flying so high that you can actually touch the moon and stars this portends many different types of global disaster that you may soon hear of. If you fly high with black wings you are warned that you are headed for a let down. Flying dreams are normally a good omen and if the flight is pleasant, with no worries and anxieties, you can look for happiness and plenty to follow.

Forest / Woods

They may represent your unconscious or your "mental space". If you are lost in the woods it may be a reflection of feelings of confusion and lack of clear direction. Also, dreaming of being lost in a big forest it is an omen of financial gain, if you are poor and lost. If you are well off and lost, you will experience loss. A stroll through a beautiful green forest with tall trees show that you will have a period of hardship followed by release from worry and then success in your endeavors.


If you dream that you keep forgetting something, it is a warning that you may have forgotten something, an appointment or a date, that is important enough to your life to merit the intercession of your subconscious mind. This is serious enough to warrant your immediate attention.

Fork (in the road)

If the dreamer goes to a fork in the road and sees a big oak tree this indicates that there is an important decision that must be made which will change his or her life and should be considered with much care. If the fork in the road is just ordinary then the dreamer will have a decision to make bearing on important matters, but not necessarily a matter to change ones life.

Fork (utensil)

To dream of being stabbed with a fork or seeing someone stabbed with one is a warning to guard your statements in order not to lose status and prestige. If you see someone eating with a fork it denotes that the dreamer may be cleared of all his present worries through the intervention of a friend.


A well filled, and merrily trickling fountain is a sign of prosperity and luck. If the fountain you dream of is old, or clogged up, then you will have a few setbacks that could bring you a short period of poverty.


If you dream of good friends in a congenial and happy setting then you will soon here good new of them or a close relative. If they exhibit staunch friendship for you in your dream then all your current activities will be successes. If you see them as sad or unhappy you will receive news of an illness.


Traditionally, frogs are a good omens and represent happiness and great friendships. From a more modern point of view, frogs may be considered symbols of the unconscious, as they live in the water. Frogs also represent transformation of the positive kind. If you dream of eating frogs then you will find very little to gain in current relationships and losses associated with love affairs. If you dream of catching a frog then the carelessness you exhibit concerning your health and well being will greatly distress those who care for you. If you see frogs in a low marshy area this is a sign of ill luck and losses. Seeing frogs in clean, green grass denotes the making of an even tempered friend and confidant.


Cultivated fruit, such as and orange, is a lucky omen and promises a period of growth followed by fruition (financial gain) if it is ripe. Green fruit denotes that you will work harder, and longer than others, and may not attain to the goals that you have set for yourself unless you make some changes.


If you are dreaming of frustration it represents some things in your life that you find hard to cope with, and the frustration is coming out in your dream. Try to pinpoint the cause of your unrest by looking up all the dream symbols that you can remember and that should clear the matter up.


Dream Dictionary - G


Being caught in a gale may mean you have some big problems you are struggling against. If you are being blown about helplessly it shows your enemies or troubles will triumph if you do not act right away to protect yourself. If you are holding your own you will be cleared of accusations by false friends.


Some "game" dreams may represent the challenges in your life, your competitive nature, or your childishness. They may point out goals to be achieved, or are a simple way to let out steam. The game in your dream could also represent "the game of life". If you are playing a strange game with people from your daily life, consider your interactions with them and the role that each individual holds.

Game, Tracking

To dream of tracking and killing wild game denotes shrewd business dealings and a high probability of success. To dream of missing the animal shows you will have much loss and troubles with your business. If a woman dreams of hunting she will shortly find a mate, should she kill the animal she will make a happy marriage.


The unconscious mind may be hinting to you that the time for "throwing out" unnecessary things is at hand. The garbage in your dream could also represent those things from your past, or in your life today which are not worth keeping, or that are literally rubbish. If you dream of seeing many piles of garbage then it is an omen to change your ways before you turn all your lovely things into garbage. If you are disposing of garbage then it foretells that you will have to clean up someone's reputation and the mess he or she has made of their lives.


Traditionally, dreaming of beautiful gardens is symbolic of great happiness and love. If the garden is wild it means that you may have difficulties, but with some care and attention you are capable of overcoming them. A garden filled with fresh growing vegetables denotes that you will be prosperous only if you exercise diligence in caring for your business. If your dream garden is of flowers and fresh green trees then it foretells of a true love and a pleasant home in lovely surroundings. Should the garden be dying then you must take steps to secure your enterprise.


If you dream of the bizarre figure of a gargoyle it denotes some hidden fears you may have concerning matters known only to you that you have not shared with anyone, to rid yourself of these dreams, you must share your fears with someone who is warm and understanding. Another interpretation of this dream is, that you will soon face embarrassment over some of your own actions.


The ghost in your dream represents a part of yourself that is unclear to you, and that you do not understand. At times, ghosts represent those things that we can no longer obtain and that are fleeting. Traditionally, dreaming of friendly ghosts is a lucky omen, and that you should be receiving unexpected good luck. On the other hand if you were very frightened by the ghost in your dream, then others will try to impose their will on you and you must be vigilant in order to stand up to it.


If you are giving presents, your subconscious may be trying to tell you that your current difficulties will pass with positive outcomes. If you are receiving them it is another good sign that suggest that you are feeling lucky these days.


A long necked giraffe is a warning to all who will hear it that it is better not to reach out and interfere with other peoples business unless you are asked. It could also be a warning that you are stretching the truth a pretty long way.


If glass is shattered in your dreams it could symbolize breaking of both negative and positive things. For example it could represent the breaking of illusions, denial and deceptions. On the more negative side, it could also represent the shattering of some dream or hope that a person has been holding close to their heart. Traditionally, looking through a clear glass is a sign of good luck, and through a dirty glass symbolizes domestic difficulties. Drinking from, or seeing, sparkling glassware is very good luck for the dreamer.


It may symbolize anything that you are currently concerned about that you greatly value. If you are losing gold in your dream, it may express your anxieties over a missed opportunity. However, it may also be your unconscious mind reminding you not to judge things on appearances alone. If you dream of table utensils, bowls, containers, etc., made out of gold, this is an omen of financial gain and stability that is entering your life. If you dream of gold bars, ingots, jewelry, etc., this, is an omen that you are too careless with your money and will soon suffer losses if you don't change.


Dreaming of a graduation, especially your own, symbolizes the completion of a phase; an initiation.


As a general rule grandparents are a symbol of, love, security, love, protection, love, home, and love. If you dram of searching for your grandparents you are really searching for love and protection. There are no other interpretations for these. If you dream of being a grandparent you will have a happy domestic life with minimal problems.


Green grass always augers success in any enterprise you may select, and dead or burned grass means failure. Planting grass, and helping it grow, shows you will have great financial gains brought about by your own effort and hard work.


A dream of guns of any type is a dream of misfortune as it denotes an injustice will be done to you or a close friend, on which you will have to spend much time, effort, and money to overcome. If you see yourself loading a gun you should be careful to guard your temper well.


Dream Dictionary - H


To hear hail beating on your roof or windows shows you will be having some trying times very soon. If you are in a hail storm all your endeavors will meet with poor results. If you see hail stones fall through the sunshine then will good fortune smile on you.


Hair represents thought and mentality. Grey or silver hair represents wisdom. If you dream of finding a hair in a piece of butter and it does not disgust you, then you will be fortunate in all your dealings. You will take a long trip if you dream of combing beautiful hair. Ruffle someone's hair and you will come into money. To dream you are getting bald warns you that your generosity will cause you loss and mental anguish. Seeing your hair turning gray shows death or disease in the family. If a woman dreams of comparing black and white hairs, it shows she will receive two offers and must choose the best one.


If you dream of eating ham then you will lose something that means a lot to you. Dreaming about curing a ham denotes that you are being thrifty and that success will be yours in due time. If you dream of seeing hams then this shows that you are in some sort of emotional danger from a person close to you.


Dreaming of a hammer represents the need and power to drive forward, despite the obstacles. If you dream of using a hammer to drive a nail cleanly into wood then you will meet with much success in whatever you choose to undertake in the near future. If you hit your finger with it this will denote pain and loss from the treachery of a loved one.


If you lose your handkerchief in a dream it is an omen showing that your engagement is in danger of breaking up. If your hankie is torn then the lover's quarrels will be so bad that you will not be able to make up. If you see a stack of pure white handkerchiefs it shows that you will hold yourself true to your betrothed and enter into wedded bliss. Waving goodbye with it may denote disgrace for the dreamer.


If you dream your fists are clenched, you may have a lot of repressed anger. Extended hands indicate that you are need and willing to develop close friendships. If the hands in your dreams are stroking, you may be feeling sexy. If you dream you see blood on your hands this denotes you will feel guilty if you do not aid a person for whom you could help better their life. If you have an injury to your hand it shows that someone else will garner the rewards that are rightfully yours. Large hands show that you will go far in life towards achieving your goals. If you see a detached hand then you are destined for a solitary life if you do not change your ways. If you dream your hands are tied you will have difficulty in completing something that you have begun.


Traditionally, if you dream of being really happy you need to look around you to make sure that you are not overlooking anything (including your health). Dreaming of happy children is always a good omen.


A new elaborate hat denotes a rise in status and good luck, while old shabby hats are a wide range of bad luck; if you lose your hat you will have a loss of finances.


To dream you are the victim of a haunting shows that you have many things on your mind, and/or things are "coming back to haunt you."

Helpful Animal

Dreaming of any animal that is helpful to you in the dream is your subconscious telling you to trust your instincts and intuition.


Holes in socks, clothing, furniture, etc. may represent feelings of faultiness or lack. Dark holes can symbolize the great "unknown", the entrance to the unconscious, or if there are many negative or frightening feelings associated with this dream, you may be becoming aware of some problematic or troublesome situation in your life.


Sweet experiences and good health are in your subconscious and most likely in your life.


Depending on the details of the dream, horses can symbolize freedom, power and sexual energy. At times, they can also be considered messengers, relaying information from the unconscious to the conscious, from the spiritual to the physical. If you are horseback riding, it suggests that you are self assured and feel a sense of control in your daily life. Traditionally, the color of the horse is also significant. Black horses are said to point out delays; white horses are reinforcing the positive and transformative aspects of life; gray horses may point to the difficulties in the dreams current situation; Piebald horses are symbolic of confusion; brown horses of mental pursuits, and tan horses are said to be symbolic of love and sex.


Dreaming of houses, especially specific rooms in a house, are doorways into different aspects of your personality, emotions, and feelings towards family and friends. The feeling you sense while in the room will usually explain the meaning of the room.


If a woman dreams she is hugging other men than her husband, she will become involved in an affair that could threaten her marriage. If you dream of hugging in a general way, you will lose your lover or your business. Hugging itself is a show of affection, but in a dream it is not a very good omen, the effects of which could be toned down to a general warning if the other signs in the dream allow it.


Dreaming about being in a hurricane, or if a hurricane is approaching, usually suggests that the dreamer is going through sudden and unpleasant changes in his life. It indicates that there is an emotional storms in the dreams life, or on the horizon. Traditionally, hurricane dreams are dreams of warning, and you're recommended to not take any unnecessary risks. Additionally, if you are uncertain about doing something, don't do anything at all.


Dream Dictionary - I


Ice, or water in the solid form, is associated with the emotions and the unconsciousness. It can represent a coldness of character, frigidity, and rigidity. Dirty, murky ice is a bad sign that augers ill feelings between friends, or plots against you from evil-minded persons who are seething with jealousy. Clear ice, especially in chunks or 'rocks' could mean the giving or receiving of an engagement ring. Walking on ice that makes you fear is a sign that you are 'treading on thin ice' in some aspect of your life and should change this before disaster strikes.

Ice cream

Eating, making, selling, or serving ice cream suggests that you are feeling contentment and satisfaction in your life. Things are well and the best is yet to come. If the ice cream has no taste, or you upset it in your dream, then it is an omen of sorrow and disillusionment. If it is sour, a lover will betray you.


To dream of icicles melting from trees is an omen that problems you have with land or real estate will soon 'melt' away. To see icicles forming is an ill omen and portends that you have troubles or problems that will shortly manifest themselves. To dream of icicles melting off the roof of your home means your marital problems will end.


If you dream of seeing people idling about this denotes that you are not using your time and energies to accomplish your best work. A woman who is idle in her dream may accumulate bad habits and marry a faithless man. Seeing an idle friend may denote that this friend is in trouble, or about to get into trouble.


If you dream of seeing friends worship idols this presage much trouble for them and a break in your friendship. If you are the one doing the worshipping then you will make very little progress in your business or your lifes work. Breaking an idol shows that you will take control of the situation that presently has you stymied. If you are denouncing idols you will gain much honor and distinction in your lifetime.


If you are ill in your dream, you're being warned to pay attention to your health. If someone you care about is ill in your dream, maybe you are concerned about losing the support and love of that person. If you dream of your own illness, unpleasant changes will soon come into your life.


If you dream of seeing strange illuminations in the sky you will experience much distress. If you see children in the sky then you will meet with trouble and failure. An illuminated face Indicates some unfinished business that must be attended to right away or suffer the consequences. To see snakes and other creepy crawlers illuminated then you will have many powerful enemies.


If you set up an image, or likeness, of something in your dream then this denotes that you are weak minded and easily led astray or you will have someone in your life like this. To see images show that you will have difficulties with friends or family.


If you dream of imitations then you should watch out for those who would palm something off on you which will cause a lot of trouble and loss. If you dream that someone is imitating your lover then you must guard against being deceived by a person.


Dreaming about being unfaithful suggests that you take a look at your current relationship. What was the person in your dream giving you (emotionally or otherwise) that your real life partner does not. Communicate effectively and begin to develop those areas of your relationship that need most improvement.


If you dream about bees stinging you, think carefully about your relationships and the motives of others. Insects in a dream can also represent obstacles that you must overcome to reach your goals. If you manage to exterminate them, or if they are not bothersome to you, then you will meet your obstacles with strength and be able to overcome them. Insects also represent excessive worry over certain things.


Experiencing sexual pleasure in your dreams is often wish fulfillment. If you are watching other people having sex, you may be holding back an emotional difficulty.


The intruder breaking into your house may be representative of your subconscious feelings. The intruder may be a symbol of guilt and self-indulgent attitudes or behaviors.


The meaning behind being on an island depends on your mood in the dream. If you were content, serene, and happy, the dream suggests you need to take time for rest and renewal. If you were lonely and afraid, it may indicate you need to look deeply into yourself in order to sort out your thoughts and feelings towards life, a person, or a situation.


Dream Dictionary - J


The jackal, or wild dog, in your dream is a warning symbol and shows that you may be being used by a friend, or friends, to further their own careers and leave yours in the dust; such people are known as jackals because they 'feed' off of you. The warning is doubled if the jackal in your dream is your dream pet, or excessively friendly.


Dreaming of jail symbolizes the feeling of confinement, frustration, and/or the inability to act. If you are the jailer, you may have some unconscious desire to exert control over others.


If you dream of eating jam you will suffer embarrassment at the hands of a woman through no fault of your own. If you see a child eating it you will receive a pleasant surprise. You will have a happy home if you dream of making jam. If you dream your hands are all sticky from handling jam you will soon be in a 'jam'.


Jars, when full, are an omen of success and victory. An empty jar shows lack and impoverishment. Broken jars denotes illness or heartbreak for you. To dream of canning foods in jars tells you to be frugal and careful with all your gains and you will experience only plenty in your life.


A dream in which your own jaws are featured usually means you will lose prestige through malicious gossip from those whom you value highly, it is a warning that you must aggressively refute the lies. To dream of the jaws of others denotes financial gain through the actions of a friend. If you dream that you are held in the jaws of a monster you must guard against misunderstandings and hasty judgments.


Feeling jealousy in your dream is usually because you are experiencing it in in your daily life. If you are not aware of your jealousy, your subconscious may be giving you some hints of awareness.


If you dream that you are job hunting, and, in your dream, feel discouraged about the whole job situation, then your luck will be excellent for finding a job, or for advancement in the one you have. If you dream that you found just the right job, good boss, good pay, and great hours, this is a warning that you had best be on the ball at work, so as not to lose your position.


Dreaming about traveling in various vehicles represents your path in life, and it may reflect some of our fear and anticipation.


If the jungle is Impenetrable, your subconscious may be revealing to you the anxiety you have about the future. If you find yourself freely exploring the jungle, it may be a hint that you need a change of scene.


Dreaming of a judge or a jury is indicative of a guilty conscience, feeling of regret, and the need to atone.


Dream Dictionary - K


To dream of the swiftly changing designs could mean that you are having a hard time making up your mind which career you like the best. If it settles on one pleasing picture your future is assured or your new lover will be true. If the picture is not pleasing and you turn it again you can expect some disappointments.


To see a kangaroo in your dreams means you will get the better of a particularly sly adversary. False accusations will damage your reputation if a kangaroo attacks you but, if you kill it you will overcome the falsehoods that trouble you.


To dream of a keg that is cracked denotes family quarrels. To see the band loose that formerly bound it together shows that divorce is imminent if you do not act to change your circumstance. To dream of seeing kegs mean you will struggle against adversity. A full key shows you will win with the methods that you are using. An empty one means to change methods, fast.


If a woman dreams of boiling clothes in a kettle to clean them then will her troubles end and the better life begin. If you dream of a broken kettle that won't hold water shows that you will be a resounding failure in your latest enterprise. A light colored kettle brings freedom from care while a dark kettle foretells heartbreak.


Dreaming of a key means the answer to some problem in your life is embedded in your dream. Look to the door or other surroundings in order to more fully ascertain the problem. If you lose your keys in a dream you will have an unpleasant adventure. If you find someone else's keys this denotes domestic bliss but to see broken keys you will have many quarrels and a separation. If you give your key away you will be in error of using poor judgment.


If you dream of spying at a keyhole you will be in danger of hurting a dear friend by telling a strict confidence to another. If you dream that you catch others spying this is a warning to beware of jealous friends who will try to blemish your good name in order to win an advantage over you. If you cannot find the keyhole in the dark you will accidentally hurt a friends feelings.


If you are killing someone in your dreams, you are probably having problems with stress, your temper, and self-control in your waking life. If you are a witness to a killing, you may be reflecting on changes going on around you that you don't particularly like. If you fight with, and overcome by killing of a wild beast you will see an immediate rise in your fortunes of life.


If you dream of seeing a king in all the royal pomp and circumstance then prestige and much success will be yours in your profession and if you are the king this shows that you will rise above your peers. To see a king in rags denotes that malicious gossip about your private affairs may do you personal harm and cause you many losses; best keep your private affairs, private.


In general, dreaming of a kiss means satisfaction and completion. Traditional interpretations say that if you are kissing strangers you may have a need to experience a conquest. If the kissing is insincere, you are pretentious and if you see your partner kissing someone else you may be afraid of infidelity.


You will soon experience a period of renewed freedom, or the accomplishment of a goal.


This tool does not have positive connotations. It may reflect the unrest and difficulty that you are experiencing. If you are self-mutilating, consider your actions and/or addictions. If you dream that you are carrying an open knife, switchblade or penknife, this is an omen that you will soon be having some legal troubles; but a closed one denotes financial losses. A sharp knife means you will have personal troubles, and a rusty one foretells family problems. A dull knife will show that you will have to work hard for little or no gain.


Dream Dictionary - L


To dream of labeling various items shows you are searching for order in your life. To read a label may mean you will let someone know your personal business and they will turn on you, Or you have 'labeled' someone wrong.


Most dreams where you see labor performed is considered a good dream. Animals heavily burdened shows that you are to become very prosperous but should treat your help with more respect. To see men at work means you will soon engage in a profitable enterprise or your health will improve.


You are frittering away you time and energies in mediocre business ventures if you dream of being in a laboratory. If you dream of being a chemist in a laboratory and your experiment should fail it denotes failure in a present venture. But if your experiment is a success, then your business will be a resounding success. If you find yourself working in a laboratory and making a scientific breakthrough this will denote much success in the new field or your new ideas for an old company are ready to become a smashing success. If you are working with golden equipment you will shortly find yourself becoming surrounded by the finer things in life through your own hard work. .


If you dream of a labyrinth it denotes you have many perplexing problems that keep you from making a success of either business or marriage. If the labyrinth is filled with green plants and trees then you will find happiness and love in the midst of despair.


To dream of making lace means you will live a useful, industrious life and never want for the necessities. If you are selling lace your wants will exceed your income and drain your resources. If you dream you are buying lace you will become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. If a sweetheart is wearing lace in your dream you will have an instant rise in power.


Dreaming of a ladder symbolizes you have the ability to climb above any problems in your life. Take note of the length of the ladder to gauge how long the current problems will last. If you dream you are falling from a ladder you will be unsuccessful in your present endeavors. If someone raises and holds a ladder for you this denotes that you will climb to great heights in your chosen profession. A broken ladder denotes failure in all your undertakings and you see yourself escape down a ladder means you will win out only after some careful planning.


Tradition says that lakes are symbolic of romantic emotions. If the lake is calm, your love life is probably in good shape and you feel safe. If it's stormy water, though, you need to prepare yourself for ups and downs. If you see a monster in the water, you subconscious may be suggesting that you have competition.


In general a dream about a lamb foretells many good things. To see a lamb playing in a green field shows that you will enjoy many friendships, and should you be carrying a lamb about in your arms this denotes an increase in wealth through your hard work and ethical business practices. Cooking, eating, or serving lamb augers well for your immediate finances.


It doesn't matter whether your dream lamp is gas, oil, or electric; but if it is lit and you are carrying it then you are assured of much prestige and success in your business dealings. If a lamp explodes in your dream then will your friends become your enemies through some thoughtless action on your part. The act of lighting the lamp presages an unexpected bounty or reward for you. If your lamp throws a dim light then you will have an illness or hear of a friend or relative with one. A broken lamp signifies much bad luck and must be taken as a major part of the rest of the dream in order to find out the misfortune you must try to avert.


To dream you hear someone speaking in a foreign language to you denotes that you are having a hard time understanding a certain persons motives or actions, search the rest of the dream for how to handle this shortcoming in yourself. If your dream was about someone, or yourself, using foul language, this will show that you will soon find yourself in an embarrassing situation brought on by another.


If you are arriving late, your subconscious may be telling you to be more perceptive and to use more foresight when making plans.


If you dream of doing your own laundry, a person that you have made a strong impression own will come to your aid at work, and you will receive a boost in income through this persons help. If you dream of being in a laundry you can expect to attend a party in the near future. If you sent your laundry out, rather than do it yourself, then you can expect trouble through gossip.


If you dream you meet a lawyer at a social event this is an omen that you will be involved in a scandal. If you dream that you are a lawyer, this is an omen that you will rise to prestige in your chosen profession.


Any type of a leak is usually a sign of you're wasting of energy and resources in some aspect of your life.


Dreaming of the left side or left direction indicates you need to listen to your subconscious side.


Dreaming about receiving letters, just like in daily life, usually represents receiving news, information, or messages from someone specific, or from the world in general. If you are the individual that looks forward to mail, this dream may have positive connotations for you. However, if you dread the envelops which typically hold the monthly bills, then this dream may have negative and anxiety provoking meaning for you. Typically however, dreaming about receiving letters has positive, and at times spiritual connotations. You may be coming into awareness about some aspect of your life, where you make new realizations and get to the "truth" of things. Some believe that seeing many unopened letters in your dreams, may represent missed opportunities.


You may be trying to assimilate some new information or idea. A library is generally a good omen. It suggests that you may be close to solving a problem or discovering something new and exciting. If you are checking out a book you will need to 'check out your information'. If you are returning books, it's a wish you have for teaching another.


Whether you are dreaming or awake, light is a very positive symbol. It represents enlightenment, lifting of shadow, gaining of understanding and knowledge, and a positive force. Hope. A light shining out of the dark, or a flashlight beam, shows that you will finally find the truth in a situation or the answer to a personal problem that you have been searching for. If the light is dim, you will only find part of the solution.


Lightening represents energy and a fantastic, altering force. It is generally a positive dream symbol which represents the dreamers "awakened" state of consciousness. If you see strong lightning in your dream you will find yourself the recipient of a fantastic moneymaking idea that really works. and if you see lightning flash from the sky and strike an object you will have a stroke of good luck. Weak lightning flashes denote general good fortune to the dreamer.


Broken lines represent the feminine aspect. Solid lines represent the masculine aspect.


It is a symbol of social distinction and leadership. Dreaming of a lion shows you have many obstacles to overcome, and must resist the real force that is driving you to self destruction; if the lion overpowers you, you will lose, but, if win out over the lion you will be the victor. As the lion usually represents different aspects of our own inner nature either as we are, or as we think ourselves to be, then in this light the dream must be correlated by using as many of the symbols you see in your dream and carefully analyzing the different actions of each character.


Lips are a symbol of communication. Tradition says that if you see beautiful lips in your dreams expect happy events to occur, but if you see ugly or deformed lips, look out for trouble.


Making a list in a dream denotes that the dreamer is worried about forgetting an important item that looms large in his/her life. This is more in the form of a worry dream and must be correlated to the rest of the dream to do the dreamer any good at all.


Dreaming of a lizard symbolizes the need for or achievement of transcendence.


Locks in your dreams may represent those things that are currently inaccessible to you, thus they represent frustration. Other interpretations include being an indication of safety and security.


If you dream you receive a locket from a loved one this is an omen that you will soon be married and will receive many beautiful gifts. Should a woman dream that she breaks the locket her husband will be unfaithful all her married life and if a locket is lost sadness will enter in your life.


Loneliness is a dream of contraries, that is to say, a dream whereas my old Mother always said to 'take your dream backwards'. In other words your dream of loneliness shows you will have so much company that you may never be lonely again, (which is only a secret fear being exposed).


If you have a dream involving a loss of any kind, this is an ill omen and it is telling you to guard your possessions and finances well as there is a distinct chance of loss to you. If you find a lost article you will have some good fortune come your way.


If you dream of the lottery in a general way it is a warning that you are being careless in some undertaking which could cause you to suffer disappointment. If you dream you have lost in the lottery you could become the victim of false friends, but if you dream that someone else has won you will have some fun times and friendly get togethers. If you win, expect some unpleasant happenings.


If you dream you see a couple in love and expressing it to each other, this denotes that your present undertaking will meet with success. If you are expressing a true and tender love for another then it shows that you will find happiness and contentment in your life. To see someone expressing a low type of love, lust, then will you meet with failure and discontent.


Dream Dictionary - M

Macadamize, (blacktop)

To dream that you see a ribbon of black topped road stretching out before you means you have a great desire to travel. To actually drive on one you will be taking a trip shortly for pleasure. For the younger set it means they have many ambitions and noble aspirations as it stretches toward their chosen goals.


Eating macaroni in a dream could mean you are in for various small losses. Seeing it in large quantities means you are being urged to economize and save money. In general, it is a warning that your finances may take a downward spiral if you are not vigilant.


A dream of machinery is an omen of success after adversity. If the machinery you will have to overcome some enemies to reach your goals. If you are caught or injured in the machinery then will you suffer unhappiness and loss. Well oiled machinery means you will have a smoothly running marriage and home life.

Mad dog

To see a mad dog in your dream means you will be under some sort of attack from strangers who would destroy your business. If you manage to kill the dog or escape with no injuries then this will denote that you will escape all harm at the hands of an enemy. To see someone else kill the dog means you will have a staunch supporter.

Madness (mental)

A dream of madness is never a fortunate sign but again this is something that must be taken in context of the entire dream. Should you dream of being mad yourself you will fall into grievous error unless you act to correct your actions. Being mad also denotes that you may suffer a loss of property through sickness. To see others suffering from this shows you have false friends and should beware.


To dream of a magnet means you will have the power to draw many things into your life according to your wishes. A woman may have much wealth and love showered on her as a result of this dream. A magnet dream is usually a good one but again you need to place it within the framework of the whole dream to learn it's true meaning, as it could also mean that you are capable of drawing evil influences into your life unless you heed the overall warning of your dream.

Magnifying glass

If you dream you are looking at things through a magnifying glass this is a warning that you are looking at things in a wrong or distorted way and should reevaluate your problems as you may be magnifying them; making mountains out of mole hills. If the glass you are using is a help to you in your dream it means that you will soon see your material wealth increase.


If you dream of a mallet as used in a game of croquet then you will find the love of your life is willing to wed you. To see a mallet (doing nothing) shows that you will be treated badly while in ill health. To swing a mallet yourself shows domestic disharmony.


A confusing chart may indicate that you lack a clear sense of direction in your every day life or are in the midst of changing long term plans. Following a good map in your dreams suggest that you are feeling confident in your current path and pursuits.


Dreaming of a marriage, or a wedding, is the sign of a death in the family. If the marriage was between strangers, then the death pertains to a not too close acquaintance or friend. See Wedding for more information.


Masks are a warning of deception, falsehood, and concealment.


Medicine in your dreams may be a sign from your subconscious that you are fixing your problems and will overcome your difficulties.

Medicine Man

To be helped be an Indian medicine man is the best kind of good luck in business omen as this shows that you can expect to receive the backing of powerful friends are backers that will assure your success and your fortune. Unfortunately if you are beyond help, this shows that your destiny is to fail unless you change into more modern ways of doing things.


Hearing sounds in your dreams can be looked at from a spiritual point of view. Nice sounds are usually seen as positive omens. Some may say that in your dream state you have traveled to other higher and more spiritual plains. Traditional interpretations tell us that if you hear a familiar melody, you may bump into old friends.


To dream of mice is not a very good omen as the dreamer can expect disappointments and ill will from others if the dream centers around the mice. If you have a mouse jump on you, or get in your clothing, then you will be involved in a scandal with a friend. If you kill the mice, you will overcome all, but if they escape you, your strivings will be of doubtful significance.


If you dream of seeing milk in large containers you will have honor and riches, if your dream is of buying and selling milk commercially, you will have great business success. If you dream that you give your milk away, this denotes that you are too generous and could harm your own finances. If you spill milk, your friends will disappoint you, and if the milk is not pure, you will suffer many small aggravations. If you try to drink milk, and cannot swallow it, this denotes that you are in danger of losing the friendship of a person you have know for a long time.


Dreaming of a mirror symbolizes the need to reconsider some decision you've recently made. If you see yourself in a mirror it foretells of a terrible illness or failure, (death of a business), also, a sign that you will soon be facing issues within yourself that you have been subconsciously hiding from yourself. If the mirror is broken then will there be news of a death in the family.


Traditional Dream Interpretations indicate that losing money in your dream is a good omen, and that most likely the opposite will happen. If you dream of looking at money it shows that you will have an opportunity to reach your goals and increase your income. If you steal the money, your finances are in danger.

Moon and Moonlight

To see a normal moon in a normal sky filled with stars signifies that you will have success with love or money; but if the moon is peculiar, then you will meet with many disappointments and/or a cheating spouse. If you see a moon in eclipse then you will hear of a friend with a contagious disease. If you are standing in bright moonlight with your beloved it predicts a happy domestic life, blessed by plenty. If you are taking a stroll in the moonlight the omen here is, that you will receive a great favor, or a financial boon. If you become frightened while in the moonlight you will have many small vexing troubles but still reach your goals.


The general image of "mother" in a dream may symbolize a variety of feelings and ideas, including: caring, nurturing, love, acceptance, hard work, sacrifice, martyrdom, etc.


Traditional lore says that the mountain may represent spirituality and all the lessons that await you. It is also said to represent mental development and awareness. The most logical interpretation is that it represents attainment of your goals. If you are ascending a mountain, you are working hard and trying to accomplish your goals, and descending may represent letting go of issues and emotional baggage.


Again, with moving, we have another obstacle dream, in as much as, if the move goes smoothly and is completed in normal time then you will overcome your barriers and sail through to what you desire. If the dream of moving involves a lot of difficulty, or is not completed, then you must forego changes in your environment and plan on staying in the same career for a while.


If you dream of eating muffins it is an indication that you like the good things of life, and if you overindulge in them you are likely to care more for luxury than you should. To bake muffins is an omen that you will work hard for your money, but your enjoyment of your success will be all the more sweeter.


If you have a dream of murdering another, this is a warning that you must keep in control of your temper and emotions at all times and not get enraged to the point of murderous intent. If you are the eye witness to a murder this is also a warning, but, one that is alerting you to possible changes in your life that you will not like unless you practice self control and not expect others to order the situation for you.


If your dream of music is of soothing, beautiful, music that uplifts your spirit then you will have some wonderful luck in every matter that is of concern to you while the raucous, unpleasant type of music brings discord to all your activities.


If you dream of seeing an ugly, mutated person or animal which frightens you, then you will soon hear some bad news concerning the family. If you see the type of mutation called morphing, when one things flows into being another thing, this is a warning that a person, or situation, is not what they seem to be; 'a wolf in sheep's clothing'.


Dream Dictionary - N


If you are hammering you may be either expressing some violent feelings, or you may be reflecting on hard work and honor (depending on the content). Bright nails means you will nevertheless enjoy the work. Bent or dull nails will show sickness and disorder entering your life shortly. To drive nails shows you will complete a deal and 'drive' a hard bargain. If you injury yourself with a nail you should be careful of careless talk and sharp words. Additionally nails may have some sexual connotations. A man may be expressing some repressed anxiety about sexual potency and a woman may be expressing her unconscious abhorrence of sex.


Dreams of being naked and not afraid or concerned indicate that you're comfortable with being your true self and exposing your real attitudes and personality to others. Dreaming of being naked and worried, concerned, or fearful of being so symbolizes you feel the need to hide your true self. To dream of a naked man where only the top part is visible foretells illness to a female member of your family but if the privates are exposed then the meaning is death. It is reversed if you dream of a naked female. Remember that a death omen does not always mean the physical death of the body. Other interpretations are associated with illicit love affairs and loss of prestige coupled with scandal. This symbol must be interpreted in context with the rest of the symbols within the dream.


To dream of a dinner napkin portends a celebration where you will be the person of honor. To dream of soiled napkins being placed on the dining table show that you have some major marital problems that may be 'soiling' your home life. Beautiful, intricate, designs on the napkins show that your marriage has a beautiful, spiritual, undercurrent which makes it very strong.


A dream of being nearsighted denotes that your energies are focused on the short term accomplishment and not on preparing for the future. In other words you may be missing the big picture all together. A woman who dreams she is nearsighted may be missing certain clues and signals her loved one is sending; this is a warning to pay closer attention before it is too late and she suffers the loss of this person.


To admire the beautiful neck of a strange woman shows that domestic ties may soon be severed. To see your own neck in a dream is an omen that someone will interfere with your business plans. Dreaming of a thick neck shows that you are becoming very quarrelsome and quick tempered.


If you dream of losing a necklace you will soon be suffering bereavement of a loved one. If you dream your loved one places a necklace around your neck or that you are wearing one, Shows an early marriage and a happy domestic life.


To see yourself in need shows that you are in danger of losing everything through speculation, This is a warning to slow down and become more conservative, or make the dream come true. To see others in need means that your state of affairs also affect others and the same warning holds true.


Finding a needle in your dream shows that you worry needlessly over small matters. To thread a needle in your dream denotes good fortune in your undertaking but if you had a hard time threading it and became angry then you can expect some frustration before accomplishment.


To dream of having a good neighbor is a good omen showing that you will enjoy your home and domestic tranquillity will reside with you. If Your neighbors appear sad in your dream then you will have to take it as opposite the above, but if they are angry and fighting you will soon be moving from your home.


If you dream of your nephew and he is of pleasing countenance this is an omen that you will soon find yourself residing in a more pleasing and congenial surroundings. If, however, his looks are gross then there will be a loss of business or possible illness for you.


If it is very dark in many of your dreams, it suggests that you are hiding something or are not willing to see things clearly. You may the the type who likes to ignore, minimize or hide your problems. To dream of night shows that you will encounter obstacles in reaching your goals or some serious setbacks. This can be offset by other aspects in the dream such as: Clear and bright moonlight, stars and celestial bodies seen clearly, and your feelings while in the dream.


To be in a nightclub with lots of fun going on augers well for your social life and connections in the near future. If the nightclub is dimly lit and depressing, you can expect the end of a love affair, or a financial crisis.


Nightmares suggest that you are holding on to very strong conflicts, which may be traumatic or guilt based. You may have a lot of powerful negative feelings which need to be reconciled.


Dream Dictionary - O

Oak tree

To dream of an old spreading oak means long life and prosperity. If it is filled with acorns you are due a promotion or some type of increase in your life. If a newlywed sees many oak trees in a forest it foretells a long marriage and many children. It is also the symbol for the tree of life and denotes good luck in all cases where the oak is healthy; reverse if the oak is sick or damaged.


If you handle or otherwise use oars in your dream you will experience disappointments and you may sacrifice your own desires to please others. To lose an oar shows you have not planned sufficiently and a broken oar denotes utter failure in your undertaking.


To dream of arriving at an oasis and resting predicts the greatest success possible in business and money matters. If the dreamer dreams that he/she is seeking an oasis and can't locate it anywhere shows the dreamer has inner fears and insecurities and is subconsciously seeking a safe haven.


Taking an oath in your dreams portends many fights and arguments in your present situation. If you refuse to take an oath and leave the area this portends an immediate change in your relationships for the better.


To dream of cooking and serving oatmeal shows that you will soon have control over the life and destiny of someone close to you. To eat oatmeal that someone has prepared especially for you denotes the addition of well earned finances in your environment for you to enjoy.


To be obedient to a master in your dream shows that you are a good worker and will go far in your job. If others are being obedient toward you then will you find fortune and much gain in your business based on ethical practices. Disobedience in all its forms will denote that you will have much trouble in your business.


If you dream of reading an obituary in the newspaper you may soon receive some disquieting news of a death. If the obituary happens to be your own then it denotes that you have something or someone in your life that could cause you great trouble, maybe even death. Death can also mean to a way of life or situation, not just physical.


If you dream that someone is obligated to you means you will win to a high station in your life and/or business relations. To dream that you are under obligation to another person then this means that you have become the target of thoughtless actions and complaints from friends or coworkers. A dream of obligation is also a warning that you must keep any promises you have made to a person, or lose that persons esteem or love.


Dreaming of the ocean represents opportunity and spirituality. It's the need to find and immerse yourself in the truth of the Universe; also, the need for unconditional love and comfort. If you dream you are standing on shore and watching the waves foam up as they break over the beach foretells that you will have some narrow escape from an accidental injury. If you are far out on the ocean and hear the waves as they lap against the hull of the ship, you will have setbacks in your business and a troubled domestic scene. To sail on a calm ocean is always a good omen for all concerned.


Your subconscious may be sending up symbols regarding wealth, religion or sex; the interpretation depends on the content. Traditionally oil is used in many religious sacraments. It represents wealth for people who own it, and it has also may have sexual connotations.


Dreams of this type will be fairly common among the medical practitioners, but among the rest of us undergoing such an operation can be a harbinger of a drastic lifestyle change, whether good or bad will be determined by the rest of the dream. To watch an operation you will soon hear some news from a family member or a friend, if the operation was a success it will be good news, but, if not it will be bad news.


An oven is a non-threatening symbol for the womb. Dream of an oven, and you may be fearful in some regard to having children. A warm oven is said to have "fruitful" or positive connotations and a cold oven the opposite. Of course, an oven may simply represent housekeeping and cooking.


An owl represents wisdom, and is another symbol for the unconscious. In the American Indian tradition, the owl is considered to be the eagle of the night. Dreaming about owls may indicate that changes are on the way. The sound of an owl hooting is a dream of a different kind as this sound presages disappointments and reverses, unless you chase it away. It may also mean you're considering obtaining higher education of some kind.


Dream Dictionary - P


Pacifying, or peacemaking dreams usually show that you want the people around you to be calmer and treat others with respect. If you are pacifying the tantrums of someone you feel is overbearing in your dream you will have an unhappy love affair. Dreams of making peace with yourself shows an inner goodness that you have been keeping bottled up.


If you dream you are packing your stuff and storing it, or packing to move, you may be concerned about significant changes that are going on in your life. If there are no major changes going on in your waking life, it could be that your subconscious is organizing itself in preparation for letting go of emotional "baggage". Some interpretations say this type of dream is a hint from your subconscious that you are involved in too many activities, and may need to pack some of them up and put them away.

Page (person)

To dream of seeing a page going about his normal business means you will become engaged to a hard worker but fail to control your weaker impulses toward other members of the opposite sex. If you dream of working as a page means you will get into some avoidable fiasco.


Dreaming of an empty pail can denote so many things, all of which are adverse; from hunger to loss. A full pail is a good omen of merit showing all manner of good things from love to money is about to enter your life. If the contents is milk then are you assured of domestic tranquility.


To see your child or a spouse in pain signifies that your actions are harming them, or are threatening their future. This is a warning to change the way you do certain things. If you dream you are in pain, it shows that you are punishing yourself over a useless cause or inconsequential action on your part.

Paint and Painting

If you dream your clothing is covered with paint spots denotes that you are troubled by thoughtless criticisms by others about yourself. A newly painted house or building denotes success in some endeavor. If you are doing the painting you will soon secure a good position of employment. If you see beautiful oil paintings this will denote false friends bearing witness against you.


To see a beautiful palace, lavishly furnished then you will know that your prospects of advancement in society is coming your way. To dream that you are on an equal footing, and may even dream you are the owner, will show that your rise is imminent and success is already in your hands. If the palace is seedy looking and dirty then you will have disappointments in your work.

Palm Tree

Generally, a Dream of palm trees heralds hope and peace but if the tress are withered or in some manner blighted then will your peace be removed from you for a while and you may hear of some event that saddens you. To see one palm tree standing alone is an omen of the loss of a good friend.


Feeling panic in a dream suggests a lack of control and confusion. Look to feelings and events in the dream to focus on what exactly is causing the panic.


Dreaming you are paralyzed in a dream signifies that you feel helpless to do anything about an event, person, or situation in your life. It could also be a warning that you should stop procrastinating about some situation.


Dreams of parents are seen in many different ways by different people. These interpretations range from unresolved conflicts with either or both parents, to unresolved conflicts with the male and female aspects of yourself. The interpretation will depend on what other aspects were involved in the dream, and how you feel about your parents, in general.


If putting on pants or changing your pants, was a major activity in your dream you may be questioning your role (at work or/and in private life).


Pearls represent joy. A broken string of pearls, however, symbolizes some misunderstanding.


Traditionally, dreaming of a penguin indicates that your problems are not as serious as you may think them to be.


Seeing old or even unfamiliar pictures in your dreams may be a reflection of how you remember certain parts of your life. Also, some believe that since a photograph is a representation of something real, it could represent a deception of some kind. New age thinking points out that you are dreaming of pictures because you have not learned a particular lesson in life. The dream may be pointing out the past and reminding you that you are making the same errors all over again.


Traditionally, the piano is an omen of a good financial period in your life, and that moving a piano represents solid achievements on the part of the dreamer.


If you dream that you are having a pleasant time at a picnic and you are with a loved one you are destined for much happiness in your marital life but if you are enjoying it alone this means you will be successful in your chosen field. Irritating aspects such as ants, or weather must be factored in accordingly.


Pink usually symbolizes health and good feelings. It is a traditionally a feminine color, and connotes love.


If you should have a dream that features you as a pool player this is a warning that you should cultivate new friendships and stop running with the same old crowd. A pool of water in a lovely garden shows that you will have much success in love and marriage; a swimming pool indicates that you will enjoy many social gatherings with good friends. Of course, you must examine each aspect of the dream and if you are less than happy, or your life is threatened, then you must take everything to the opposite of what is written above concerning a pool of water.


Traditionally, dreaming of a porcupine is a omen of good news and bad news. Good things may happen to you, but they will carry with them difficulties. As a dream symbol, porcupines may represent a situation or a person in your life that is attractive, but unapproachable.


If the dreamer is a woman and you dream you are pregnant then you will see a big increase in your income, and an improvement in her intimate relationship is forthcoming. But if you are unwed and sad, you will experience losses. For a man to dream that he is the father of the child he is warned about indiscriminate sexual relations and one night stands.


Dreaming of a pyramid is a reflection of your deep need for knowledge, or the indication of a new phase in seeking Truth.


Dream Dictionary - Q


If you are quarreling or arguing in your dream you may be experiencing some inner conflict. The quarrel may reflect your own inability to decide on important issues, ideas or values. From a very pragmatic point of view, you may be experiencing difficulty with authority figures or you may have carried an argument from your daily life into your dream. Traditionally, quarreling is a contradictory dream that means you will have peace and harmony with your loved ones.


Dreaming of being trapped in quicksand symbolizes feelings of helplessness and an inability to get out of some situation in your daily life.


The different parts of a quilt may represent many aspects of your life and indicate that there is harmony. Your subconscious may be comforting you in this dream and saying, "You are doing a good job, keep going".


To dream of yourself bogged down in a quagmire denotes that you are getting in a rut. You're bogged down by too much of the day to day routine, and there's not enough energy to devote to new ideas and plans; therefore, your business is likely to suffer. At times, this dream may presage ill health for you or someone close to you.


To dream you are placed in quarantine augers that you are being put in a position of helplessness by a false friend who is spreading malicious gossip. Seeing a friend sick in quarantine denotes that a friend may need your help desperately but cannot ask for some reason. Make the first move.


Quarrels in dreams have a special meaning and most times qualifies as a 'true' dream. To dream you are quarreling with a certain person usually shows there are some hard feelings that are either hidden or you find hard to talk about. This dream shows that unless you take the time to iron out the problem, it could become an argument in reality, or even worse.


To dream of a quarry means you will have to put in some very hard work to advance on your present job. If no one is working in the quarry, this shows that you will experience disappointment and failure in your present job. Opening up an old, long unused quarry denotes that you will be successful after adversity.


If you dream that you are playing or singing in a quartet then you will find many happy companions and an enjoyable life. To see a quartet that you cannot join is an omen that you will attempt a job that is too big for you.


Similar to king as they are both dreams of royalty. A woman who dreams of being crowned a queen will suffer set backs in her life due to having too many high flown ideas that are too self serving. To see a queen in your dream foretells success, but if she is haggard then the reverse is true.


Dream Dictionary - R


When rabbits appear in dreams, they can represent luck, quickness, fertility, pregnancy, and magic. However, they can also symbolize a lack of consciousness or awareness. These dreams could be cautioning you too look before you leap. A dream of rabbits foreshadows that luck in your business enterprises will be immanent and other events will take a favorable turn in your direction. A dream of white rabbits foretell faithfulness of a lover, and to see them at play are an indication that children will increase your joy.


If you are simply running in your dream, it may be an indication that you need to slow down in your every day life. Running a foot race in your dreams show that you have an enemy who is a threat to your possessions and is envious of your acquisitions or achievements. If you win the race it means you will quickly overcome your adversary. Running in your dreams may also symbolize the energy levels, the strength, or the force that you have to get through life.


To dream of a dish rack shows you are domestic minded but may be spending too much time home alone. A clothes rack denotes uncertainty in a coming marriage. If you dream of being tortured on a rack then you are doing something that is harming the body and you need to watch your diet and exercise when and if possible. Your subconscious knows what you need and will show it too you in a later dream if you are alert to it.

Racket (noise)

To dream of hearing a racket means you will be deprived of a special pleasure that you had been anticipating. For a young woman this dream tells her that an engagement may be broken and sorrow results.


Seeing a garden full of radishes that is growing well denotes great good luck for the dreamer. If you plant them yourself you will have your fondest dreams come true and love is returned. Eating a radish is not lucky though as you may suffer from a thoughtless friend who speaks carelessly of you.


If you dream of building a raft then you will realize success through your own hard work and ambition. To dream of being on a raft shows that you will enjoy a large measure of success from your business travels. If you arrive at your destination on a raft then you will reap success and rewards. To see a raft break or come apart in your dream is a warning that to be careful of accidents in the near future.


If you dream that you see someone in a rage is a bad sign for your business endeavors or conditions, it also denotes a degree of unhappiness in your social life. If you are the person who flies in a rage denotes that your bad temper may cause unhappiness and harm to your friends. If you see a lover or a spouse in a rage then will you have much discord in your affairs of the heart.


If you see porch or guard railings this denotes that some one is out to bar your way on the road to success. If you find yourself holding to a railing for protection or stability then this shows that you are ready to take a drastic step to secure your hearts desire. It is also a warning to play it as safe as possible.


If you dream of a railroad, you will find false friends are undermining your business affairs to your down fall. If there is an obstruction on the tracks you should beware of strangers who may hurt you. If you are walking down a railroad track you will be able to maintain your status quo by your handling of certain financial affairs.


Dreaming of rain could suggest a period of renewal and fertility (reproduction or creativity). However, dark clouds and a heavy down pour indicate feelings of isolation and helplessness. If you dream of sitting at a window and watching a storm with blowing rain it is a sign that you will be blessed with true love in your present relationship. To dream of a clear day with sparkling rain shows that you will soon have an inpouring of good luck, but if you are caught in a severe rainstorm and get soaking wet that is the sign of amassing great wealth, perhaps through an inheritance.


Rainbows represent great happiness and opportunity.


Reading in a dream represents learning, gaining in knowledge, and growing in your perceptions.


A rat, or rats, in your dream points up the fact that someone is very jealous of you and/or your accomplishments and will work against you in any way possible, it is a dream of warning to be on the alert for enemy attack, (the backbiting kind). If you see a white rat it means the same but you will have help from unknown forces. To hear rats running, or gnawing in the walls, shows that you have been wasting your time and should move on to greener pastures.


Red being the color of anger could be a warning to stay cool and keep your temper under control. A deep, blood red is usually a portent of good news to come. It is also the color of passion and the entire dream should be analyzed to get the true meaning.


A ring represents completion and loyalty.


A river represents spirituality and/or a boundary.


A road symbolizes our goals and the path we travel to achieve them. If the road in straight, well marked and lit, it may be an assurance you that your are moving in the right directions. If there are many obstacles and the road is very hard, consider your options. A broad road with pleasing scenery and few if any bumps will represent your steady progress towards your goal, and you will see your wealth build gradually over the years. A narrow winding road with lots of bumps and potholes show that your progress towards your goals will be filled with hardships and setbacks unless you change certain existing conditions in your life.


Rocks represent earthiness, sturdiness, stability and a solid foundation. They are symbolic of your unchanging self.

Roller coaster

The roller coaster symbolizes the emotional ups and downs a person is experiencing. It indicates that great emotional ups and downs may be due to negative behaviors or thoughts (either your own or your partners). This dream may be telling you to exercise greater will and self control, and to try to achieve a balance in your life.


The roof by some is considered to represent the crown chakra. For others it may represent a barrier between states of consciousness. If you are dreaming about a leaky roof, new information may be trying to get into you conscious awareness. Finely, when dreaming about roofs you may be working on issues of protection.


Dreaming of ruins is a warning that your plans will fail.


A running dream is basically a dream of escaping a certain situation, person, or thing. If you succeed in running away from, or elude a pursuer, then you will be able to change those things in your life that has you 'on the run'. If you dream of the desire to run but cannot get your feet to obey it shows a lack of self confidence and perseverance on your part. Try sticking to your guns and see how much your life will change.


Dream Dictionary - S


This type of dream may be suggesting to you that you need to prioritize; to eliminate things in your life that are unnecessary and continuously drag you down. It may also be warning you to consider the people, events, or situations that are causing you to make continual personal sacrifices, for these may not be in your best interests. Traditionally, dreams of sacrifice are contradictory in nature, and symbolize that you will be enriched in the near future.


To dream of saddles presages good news and welcome visitors. It also indicates that you may take a pleasant journey that will benefit your finances in some way. To saddle a horse means you will receive money; to be in the saddle indicates you'll rise to a position of authority.

Safe (locker)

A safe, when used to protect valuables, is a good omen signifying security in your life. An empty safe in your dreams may mean loss if it has been broken into, or lack if it is simply empty.

Safe (baseball)

To dream you are safe on base means you will have good luck with a project. To see a famous ball player safe on base means you will have success coupled with fame and honor.


A dream of sage is an omen that foretells that your new family will practice thrifty ways and economize where possible. If a woman dreams she has over seasoned her food with it denotes extravagance that will lead to poverty. To drink sage tea shows that you will meet a difficult situation with calmness.


Dreaming you are sailing on calm waters predicts you will have an easy time as you make your fortune. A beautiful sail full of wind indicates you'll be free from poverty and misery. Dreaming yourself sailing in a small vessel indicates your desires will remain modest and not beyond your means.


Dreaming of a sailor predicts you will soon be journeying on a long and exciting ocean voyage. A woman could be harmed by a jealous lover if she dreams of flirting with sailors. A sailor who is whistling while he works is an omen of good luck.


Salt is a dream symbol that presages chaos and discord. Your waking life situations are apt to reflect this with quarrels in the family and friends. If you see yourself salting meat in your dream, you'll soon find yourself falling behind in debts you owe, and being harassed because of them.


If you dream of taking merchandise samples, it's a prediction of a rise in your business profits. Dream of being given the choice between one sample or another, and it shows you'll soon be forced to make a complex decision. Seeing people pick through assorted samples in your dream presages many opportunities in your life.


If you dream you are the student, you may be feeling inadequate or lacking in self-confidence. If you were a teacher in the dream, it may point to problems dealing with the authority in general, or from one specific individual. From a spiritual point of view, some believe that we travel to the inner planes (the spiritual realm) in the dream state and there we may attend classes which assist us in our spiritual growth and development.


Dreaming of old buildings ready to be destroyed is a warning of major health problems. These illnesses are a result only of bad habits and/or a conscious lack of medical care.


Dream of shining your shoes and you'll soon hear of an exciting new business venture in which you will soon be involved. If you dream of shoes that are shabby and worn out, you can expect success in your business through hard work. New shoes mean overconfidence, but if you lose a shoe you will experience setbacks or losses.


Dreaming of scissors indicates distrust of someone or something in your life. Could also indicate the need to "cut away" some outdated part of your life.


Waters generally symbolize the emotions and the unconscious. They could also represent the collective unconscious or your soul experiences.


Seeds symbolize new opportunities and new beginnings.


Generally, if shopping in your dream is not a source of great stress and confusion, it suggests that those things which you need are available to you. It may also be telling you, however, that you need to learn exactly where to look, how to pick out what you need, and when to make a wise investment.


Skeletons represent the basics, the root of a problem.


Spiritual wisdom; transcendence into a state of wisdom. Psychologically speaking, snakes coming out of the ground may represent your subconscious or repressed materials coming to your conscious mind. Freud thought that the snake was a phallic symbol.

Snake Bite

Represents an infusion of wisdom.


Snow suggests that you or someone else in your dream is emotionally cold, unresponsive and indifferent. Clean, white snow may represent innocence and dirty snow guilt. Eating the snow presages a long period of sadness.


Seeing soldiers in your dream symbolizes force, power, rigidity, and regimentation.


All spiders except tarantulas are omens of good luck. If you see a spider climbing the wall you will have your dearest wish come true. If you see a spider spinning a web you will have an increase in your income due to hard work. A large spider sitting on a telephone presages a phone call that will benefit you greatly. in general, the larger the spider, the bigger the rewards.


Dream of walking up the stairs, and it's a sign of good luck in your present endeavors. Walk down the stairs, however, and you'll meet with bad luck and setbacks. If you should stumble and fall upward on the stairs then you'll have a happy marriage or relationship. Falling down stairs warns you to be more conventional in your attitude and lifestyle or risk falling into disrespect.


Traditionally, seeing stars in your dream means that your wishes are going to be fulfilled. Stars represent insight, luck, fortune, and the mysteries of the universe. Also, stars in your dreams could symbolize internal or external guidance and truth.


If you dream of your stomach be cautious of trading confidences, and doubly so if you dream you are sick to your stomach. A distended stomach is an indication of unhealthy eating habits and impending illness. If you dream of a flat stomach, it's your subconscious telling you to get more exercise.


A dream of suffocation should first be taken as a warning to see a doctor for a thorough checkup. This type of dream could also indicate that you feel like you're being smothered by someone close to you, through either that individual's over-protectiveness or their adoration.


Dreaming of the sun suggests that you are being nurtured and sustained by your environment and your life choices. It could also represent a spiritual force. Dreaming of sunrise may indicate new beginnings and new energy. Dreaming of sunsets suggest a period of closure and completion. Traditionally, dreaming of the sun shining on you is an omen of good fortune and good will.


Clearing of consciousness; an awakening; new beginnings.


Sunsets warn of the need to protect your assets. Also, completion.


If you dream you are swimming in the ocean towards shore it augers well for your business and financial affairs, though the profits gained will be through your hard work. If you're swimming in a pool, you'll be unlucky in love. If you see women in the pool, you will have luck with love. If you see men in the pool, you'll have luck in business. If you see both sexes in the pool, you'll experience both kinds of luck. Teaching someone to swim assures you good fortune.


Swords are symbols for something that is cutting you within; conflict.


Dream Dictionary - T


Dreaming of a table symbolizes an internal need for support. To dine at a table that has no cloth shows that you will not be envious of the good fortune of others. To set the table foretells a happy marriage in prosperous circumstances. An empty table foreshadows poverty and needy circumstances. A broken table is bad luck, and to clear the table means your pleasure will become sorrow. A soiled cloth on a table means you may be guilty of an indiscretion.


To dream of many small tacks show many small worries and aggravations from others. Driving a tack shows you will overcome adversaries. To mash your finger while driving a tack shows you will be hurt in the process of getting the better of your enemy.


To dream of a tailor often denotes quarrels before a journey is made. If you argue with your tailor then you will have a big disappoint over a plan you made long ago. For a tailor to take your measure then you may get into some kind of physical altercation with an enemy.


If you dream you are wearing a talisman you are slated for some good luck in the near future or a great deal of protection from a situation where you could come to harm. If your lover gives you a talisman in your dream then you will obtain your hearts desire concerning marriage.


If you dream of talking in general, you will soon be made aware of many small worries in your everyday affairs or you will hear of a near relatives problems. To hear others speaking in a loud voice denotes that you will be falsely accused of malicious gossip.


A major social event that you will perform in or at is suggested by a dream of a tambourine. If you dream of a Gypsy playing a tambourine you will find it denotes your restlessness at home or work. To see a new tambourine in a store you will experience some small gains.

Tank (water, etc.)

To dream of a tank denotes that you will find happiness in marriage. To dream that the tank is full is an omen of prosperity, but if the tank is empty then will you experiences losses in either your business or other financial affairs. A leaking tank is also a sign of loss.


If you dream of using tape on a broken article it will denote that you have a special person whom you need to make up with. If you are buying tape you will find misfortune dogging your footsteps.


If you dream you are a tattoo artist and you are tattooing someone's body you will soon break with friends or family over strange practices. If you dream you are the one being tattooed you will become the target for a strangers jealousy but if you see someone else with tattoos then you will take a long, hard journey from home.


If you dream of having false teeth this indicates that you will have unexpected help on a problem. To dream of rotten teeth shows that you have been telling someone a lie or using your smooth words for getting your own way no matter what. If your teeth are rotten, crooked, and/or falling out this means that your lies are hurting someone very badly and that you will soon be found out. If you dream you have swallowed a tooth you will soon have too 'eat your words'. It becomes much easier to interpret this kind of dream if you think of teeth as representing words. When the dreamer is not the one with the bad teeth you will naturally have to watch out for someone lying to you.


In our dreams the telephone could be a symbol with which we are expressing a desire to communicate with ourselves and with others. Our unconscious and/or intuition may be trying give us messages that we have been unwilling to listen to.


Hearing thunder in your dreams is symbolic of some great anger you feel.

Tidal wave

Tidal waves or tsunamis, suggest that you may be in a period of emotional upheaval. Giant tidal waves from your dream may be symbolic of current emotional unhappiness and/or psychological stress, which is threatening to destroy you. The outcome of this dream could reveal to you how much strength you have to "ride" this storm. If you survive the tidal waves of your dream, be assured that you will survive the challenges of life and living.


Dreaming of tigers symbolizes femininity, power, anger, unforgiving vengeance, great force and cunning. Tigers can not be ignored, and usually they get exactly what they go after.


This is another one of those words that you must consider with the entire dream in mind. If time is of the essence and you are rushed or late this could be a warning not to be caught late for an important appointment. This could also be a fear dream pointing at the fact that you have a real life appointment and you have a fear of oversleeping, in this case the dream is only mirroring your fear.


Tornado is a violent storm in nature and it may represent violent emotional storms in your dreams. If you continually dream about being in a tornado consider the emotional changes in your life and also the amount of anger and rage that you may be currently experiencing. Tornadoes could also represent disruptions and upsets in you immediate environment, and specific, current issues or problems that may be overwhelming.


Touching in a dream can mean several things, depending upon the circumstances and environment of the dream. For example, it could mean healing. On some rare occasions, it could represent a curse of some sort. At other times, it can mean comfort and security.


Going on a train ride may be symbolic of your life's journey. If you are the engineer, you may be reassuring yourself in the dream state that you are in control of a specific situation, or your life in general. Freud said that the train is usually a phallic symbol, and that a train going through a tunnel represents intercourse. Freud also said that there are other possibilities to this symbol. For example if you missed the train in your dream, you may be fearful of missing important opportunities.


Transforming into something beyond yourself indicates you've achieved full realization of self; that you have transcended what you were and have become something new.


Dreaming of transportation of any type indicates spiritual advancement. The more efficient the mode of transportation, the more effective and rapid the advancement. The rocket would be the most rapid and the highest traveling. Crawling would be the among the least effective.


Travel is a dream that has several different meanings and should be used in the dream as a stand alone as meaning a wish to leave your present environment. A dream of traveling in a car full of people usually means you will be making new friends and enjoying life more. If you dream you are alone in the car and the road is bumpy, you can look forward to some troubling times. If you are in an unknown area it is a warning to be careful of enemies.


Trees represent the life force; psychic growth and development; success.


Hiding; fear; sex.


Turtles signify the odd and the unusual in your life and if you dream of seeing one you will have an odd incidence befall you and the good or the bad of it will have to be gleaned from the entire dream and the emotions expressed in it. Turtles are considered a good luck symbol as well as a symbol of long life and good health.


Seeing twins in your dream represents your ego and alter ego.


Dream Dictionary - U


To dream you are ugly means you will have many disagreements with loved ones on affairs of the heart. If you dream of an ugly young woman you are to inherit money. Ugly homes or places is a sign of depression and loss of prestige.


Dreaming of an umbrella may indicate an unwillingness to deal with negative emotions and psychological baggage or trauma. If the umbrella is open, you may be protecting yourself from the "stuff" in your unconscious. If you open the umbrella in your dream, it may indicate that you are prepared and willing to discover yourself. Carrying a closed umbrella in the rain is highly unfortunate for the dreamer and his business plans. Traditionally, the umbrella is the symbol of security. However, if the umbrella is broken or turned inside out your ultimate achievement is still possible, but it will be delayed. A leaky umbrella denotes quarrels with loved ones.


If you dream you're in a house built underground, it means is a chance of loss of fortune and reputation if certain aspects of daily living are not changed. It can also indicate the need and desire for greater security; hence hiding from life by living 'underground'. Another would be a withdrawing from all aspects of life that may interfere with your peace of mind, or reluctance to make decisions.


To see someone in nothing but their underwear is a sign of catching a friend or loved one in an embarrassing position that will be hard to explain away, If you are the one in the underwear then you will be the one 'caught out' in a like situation which will cost you a loss of respect.


If you dream that you are undressing, it denotes a possible rift with a loved one due to scandalous behavior. To see someone else undressed is an overall ill omen that brings bad luck in love and money. If you dream someone is undressing you, it is a sign that your flirtations may get serious and bring disaster upon you.


If you dream about uniforms it's indicative that you are concerned with issues of conformity, identity and responsibility. Another thought is that you may be seeing yourself as a part of a large group where your individuality is covered up and unnoticed. To see an array of strange uniforms may indicate that your country is on the brink of war or that you are warring with yourself, especially if you wear one, about a matter you do not want to face. To dream of a sad faced soldier portends bad news or illness for a far away loved one.


If you meet an unknown person in your dream and he or she is nice looking this foretells a time of good luck for you. If the person is ugly or fearsome then you luck will turn bad. If you are the unknown person (no one recognizes you) in your dream then this is an omen of evil befalling you.


Dream Dictionary - V


To dream of getting a vaccination means you will be unduly swayed by the opposite sex. A dream of seeing others receive a vaccination foretells disappoints in love, or business reversals. To dream of a vaccination on any part of the body except the arms show that you are contemplating treachery.


To see yourself as being a vagrant means you will suffer poverty and much misery in your future. To give to a vagrant means you will receive money or a boon in the future. To speak with vagrants promises that you will make valuable friends or associates.


If a women dreams of sending valentines,it can mean she will marry some one not her equal. If a man has the same dream he will fall in love with a false lover. If you dream of receiving a valentine, you will marry someone who is weak willed. Seeing a box full of valentines means you will meet an old lover and share much happiness.


If you dream of green valleys with streams running through them, the dream shows that you are embarking on a wonderful change that will bring you happiness and peace. A barren or marshy valley denotes losses and reverses entering your life, and you should take steps to guard your assets.


Dreaming of drinking from a vase and then seeing it break is a bad omen as it shows that you will enjoy a hidden love affair which brings only sorrow and retribution. If you dream of receiving a vase as a gift, it promises your heart's delight. If you dream of a broken vase, it generally indicates a relationship in some aspect of your life that needs mending.


If you dream of seeing or buying a burial vault you will suffer the loss of someone close to you and/or some other sad loss. To dream of a vault holding valuables is a warning to guard your own wealth against those who would steal from you or cheat you in some manner. A vault hanging open with valuables inside warns you not to expose your wealth to everyone.


If you see a table loaded down with fresh and cooked vegetables and this makes you hungry it denotes you are lacking in some nutrient or vitamin that your body needs to maintain itself, the one vegetable that is featured in your dream will give you a clue as to which one it is. Dreaming of fruit is a complimentary dream to dreaming of vegetables.


If you dream of riding in a vehicle and someone else is driving, you will soon take a business trip at your bosses convenience. If you are riding in a vehicle where you or a member of your family are driving, then your trip will be for pleasure or personal business.


Wearing a veil in your dreams symbolizes your insecurity in waking life.


Dreaming about violence indicates you may have a tremendous amount of fear towards and feelings of powerlessness.


If the visitor is dressed in black and appears mournful, then beware of accidents that might befall you or someone you know. If the visitor is tired and worn out from traveling, then you will feel displeasure at someone's actions and this is a warning not to get upset over it. If a friend visits you and everything seems normal, then you will soon hear some good news.


Dreaming of a volcano usually symbolizes our emotional state. If a volcano erupts in your dream, you may be holding in negative emotions, allowing them to build up within you.


Dream Dictionary - W


Wading in clear water foretells good luck in all you are undertaking. Muddy water is a sign of bad luck, illness, or losses in love and money. To dream of playing in the water foretells a wonderful love affair. If the water is murky the affair will be violent.


If a young lady dreams of eating wafers she shows that she is too picky in her search for male companionship. If she is cooking them it denotes a long and happy marriage to the man of her choice. To pack wafers in a shipping carton symbolizes her love of sharing and presages many happy days for her. For a man to dream of wafers is an omen of general good fortune.


If you dream of winning a bet, you can be sure that fortune smiles on you. If you dream of losing one, or if you are unable to put up the wager, then you will find yourself beset with misfortunes and losses. Making a wager represents a dishonest turn of the mind.


If you dream of paying out wages,your dream is warning you of future dissatisfaction. Dreaming of receiving wages denotes a good omen for your business profits. If you lose wages or receive less then you are entitled to, it could mean that people around you do not have your best interests at heart, and are working to undermine your success.


Hearing a wailing sound while dreaming foretells fearful news and sorrow. A wail of a police siren denotes minor trouble with the law which involves you or someone close to you. The wails of fire engines and ambulances denote a disaster of major proportions.


The size of the waist in a dream determines the omen it portends to as recognized in the current mode of fashion. A large rotund waist gives the dreamer the information that life will be pleasing and comfortable with no lack or want. A small petite waist is telling the dreamer that he or she will experience success in business, but if the waist belongs to an unhealthy, emaciated individual then the reverse is true.


If you dream of being served by a waiter, you will enjoy entertaining with friends or loved ones. If your waiter is angry or slovenly, you will experience the intrusion of disreputable people into your life.


If you dream that you attend a wake and the deceased is a friend or loved one then you will hear sad news in the near future. If you see a friend attending a wake, then the friend is in grave danger and must be warned to be careful.


Walls are traditionally considered to be obstacles or sources of isolation or confinement. Climbing the wall suggests that you are fighting to break out of the isolation, and will be able to overcome your difficulties and/or challenges, especially if you climb to the top of the wall.


If you dream you are taking a walk through pleasant surroundings then you will enjoy success in love and business. If the path is strewn with branches and other brush, you will experience hardships. However, if you manage to get through the debris then you will overcome all your adversaries and make your fortune. To walk in the night hours brings with it much discontent.


Dreaming of clear water is a sign of good luck and prosperity' a dream of muddy water foretells sadness or sorry through hearing of an illness or death of someone close. Dirty water warns of unscrupulous people who would bring you to ruin. All water dreams, other than clear, have a bad omen connected to it and should be studied carefully and taken as a true warning.


The waves of the ocean represent emotional ups and downs. The bigger the wave, the greater the emotion.


Weeds represent neglect. To dream of weeding a garden or lawn may presage letting go of stifling and useless thoughts and actions.


Wind represents changes in your life. The greater the force of the wind, the greater the change in your life. A very gusty wind could represent the stress and turmoil in your life, but also the energy that you need to make changes. Hearing the sound of the wind in your dreams is considered spiritually significant.


Looking through a window and seeing a beautiful landscape may represent your desire for greater satisfaction and more peace in your life. If you are seeing something familiar, you may be able to perceive the situation in a new way and gain some insight. Some say that a window may represent a time frame, A closed window symbolizes a fear that you are unable to communicate effectively, and an opened window may be symbolic of a desire for a new life.


Wings are associated with flying, which in turn is associated with freedom. Dreaming about wings suggests that you may be having a desire to "fly and be free". This could be in reaction to a desire to transcend any current difficulties and problems. Traditionally, if you hear gentle flopping of wings you will hear good news. However, loud and powerful flapping of wings is said to be a warning against illegal or immoral activities -- specifically those in which money is involved.


Dreaming of a witch represents supernatural ability and wisdom.


If you dream of women in a group talking you will soon hear some good news. If you dream of them shopping, you will soon see an increase in your spending power. A dream of pregnant women is a sign that you will be blessed with abundant wealth.


Beautiful green woods with lots of life and growth shows an increase in your station in life as well as your income. If the woods are dried up or dying then the opposite will prevail for you. Woods seen on an overcast day with a dark and dreary appearance warns of danger for the dreamer.


Dreaming about worms is a warning about poor health.


Seeing a wound on yourself or anyone else is a dream warning you to be extra careful for the next few weeks. If the wound is from a car wreck, be careful when driving. Whatever the wound is caused from then that is what the dreamer should be most cautious over during waking hours.


Dreaming about a wreath is a symbol of self-pity.


Dream Dictionary - X


Dreaming about getting an x-ray or looking at an x-ray indicates that you are ready to look beneath the surface of a current situation or issue. Traditional interpretations say that dreaming of x-rays indicates you will be released from your worries and enjoy good health.


Seeing and listening to an expert on this instrument shows you will achieve your greatest ambitions with honer and accolades. Unpleasant sounds from it show discord in your life that should be taken care of immediately before it gets worse.

X (marks the spot)

To dream of a treasure map that shows you where the treasure is by a marking the spot with a big X, means your goals are in sight and you will earn a great reward. If you see the same spot marked with a tiny x and realize, (in the dream), that it is not right then your loses could be very heavy unless you handle the situation immediately.


Dream Dictionary - Y


A neat and well taken care of yard, with grass and flowers, usually indicates that you are, or wish to be neat, caring and blessed with enough energy to maintain all the aspects of your life. If you dream of playing in the backyard, it indicates you are longing for the days when you were carefree and "played" for a living.


Dreaming of a yacht indicates your desire for more time for recreation, hobbies, and fun.


Dreaming of yarn shows you will soon become the wife of a wealthy man. If a man sees a woman working with yarn he will soon find that the love of his life in a thrifty, skilled individual.


If you see someone yawn in your dream then this foretells that a good friend may fall into dire straits or a bad illness. If you dream you are yawning, your search for love and companionship could become a lifelong round of disappointment if you do not lower your ideas of perfection.


If you dream that a friend or a lover is yearning for you this suggests that you will soon be getting a long wanted proposal and your happiness is assured. If you dream you yearn for a particular person then you will find joy and contentment with your present spouse.

Yellow Bird

To see a yellow bird flying is an omen of good luck in financial affairs but not in affairs of the heart. Should the bird land on you in a friendly manner, this denotes some short-lived ill fortune. To see a yellow bird sick or dying foretells disaster in your affairs.


If you dream that you yield to another in your decision making then this denotes that you are willing to sacrifice your own authority to secure peace in the family. If others yield to you then all your business affairs will increase and you'll gain in respect and influence in your business life.


Young people in your dream indicate reconciliation of family problems and new beginnings. To see your son or daughter as small child again means you will soon cease worrying and regain a youthful outlook on life. If you dream you are young again, you may try to change past mistakes, but be warned that these attempts will meet with failure.

Yule log

To see a Yule log shows promise for the coming year. If you are burning one then this is a warning not to set your sights too high or your dreams could go up in smoke and turn to ashes.


Dream Dictionary - Z


If you are "walking around like a zombie" in your dream, it indicates you are completely detached from everything going on around you.


A dream of a zebra indicates that your present interest in an enterprise willing not endure. A zebra in the wild shows that you are spending too much time in trivial pursuits and the need for stability is strong.

Zephyr (soft breezes)

When you dream of the zepher winds, it indicates you think more of love than you do of fortune, and you'll spend everything you have to capture the object of your affections. If you are saddened by them the soft winds, your lover will be going away for a long period of time. Soft winds ruffling a child's hair means the child will have a long and mostly happy life.

Zinc (metal)

If you dream of working with, or if you see, zinc in a dream, it indicates that your business will go through a process of renewal and become a better enterprise. To taste zinc may mean you are in need of food suppliment tablets to correct an existing health problem.


If you dream of studying the Zodiac it indicates you will distinguish yourself in business and popularity. Should the Zodiac read in a odd manner then it denotes some unpleasant event is hovering around you, and you need to be ready to dispel it. Just dreaming of the Zodiac augurs an uncommon rise in material wealth and position in a short time. If you map out the Zodiac then you will have good fortune in your future.